Saturday, 16 March 2013

To Blog Or Not To Blog

That is the question.

I have been thinking about whether to continue blogging of late.

I know, I can hear the collective shouting of millions of people around the world yelling "Yes, please stop, stop now, PLEASE!!!"

The reason for this thought process going through my empty head is because I have been thinking that if I don't blog, I may indeed get to live a calm, peaceful, boring life as then if I have no blog, things may not happen to me to write about.

You see, I am quite an avid reader of blogs, from all over the world. I read blogs about home decorating, travel, cooking, teaching and many many others. I hate the term 'Mummy Blogger' but I also read some of them too.  And if you haven't just read the infamous  Mrs Woog's blog, you are definitely worse off. She is hilarious, and so often writes what I think (just type in Mrs Woog into goole, you won't be sorry - but don't forget me!!)

Because, dear reader (Mum, that's you!!!) I am yearning for a quiet life.  Yes, I am. Well not so quiet that nothing ever happens but just to live a relatively incident free life.

Because over the past 10 days I have been on crutches. Yes, even I am so completely over myself at the moment it is not funny.

Now of course, Miranda Kerr was in a car accident this week and managed to accessorise her neck brace with an ever so chic scarf. So she may have been a bit tender, but she still looked good.

WHere is that bloody scarf????

Whereas I, on crutches, look like a frigging lopsided elephant. There ain't nothing chic about this Country Gypsy hobbling along on crutches because her 'good' knee has given way (Yes, I have a good knee and a bad knee - I think two knee reconstructions on the one knee allows me to nominate it as the bad knee!!!).
This is how I get out of the car! ###

So, after two trips to hospital, three doctors, one absolutely beautiful (no I am not gay - not that there is anything wrong with that - but this girl was beautiful both inside and out!!!) physiotherapist, two x rays and an upcoming visit to a specialist, it appears that the good knee is now stuffed!!!

Unfortunately, I don't have an incredible story about how I injured this knee but have been asking people to provide me with stories.  So far I am the coach of the Australian Down hill mogul ski team and whilst giving them a few pointers injured myself (thanks goes to the White Knight for that one!!), marathon running and then had to foil an armed robbery whilst running and got shot in the knee but still managed to arrest the bad guys and win the marathon at the same time (combined effort from the CG family) to being a part of the Australian Cricket team who didn't do their homework and got bashed in the knee cap by the selectors for punishment (thanks to the bloke who made my coffee at Coffee Culture yesterday!!).

An earlier shot of my skiing prowess !!!!!!!!

The actual truth is it just started to hurt, then it hurt a bit more, then it got so bloody sore I would have preferred to go through childbirth whilst balancing a 450kg whale  on my nose and running through a barbed wire fence at the same time.

And I have so far had three different diagnoses so I am just going to wait to see what the specialist suggests at the end of the week - when he charges me $455000 for a 3 minute consultation and I get $.09c back from medicare!!!

So, hopefully you see my dilemma. If I chose not to blog, maybe we won't have to move again, there will be no injuries or illnesses, I will actually get a full time job with proper facilities, and I won't meet any more cross dressing grandfathers outside Vinnies.

Mmmmm, shall have a think. Maybe life might get too boring!!!

Hope you are all safe, well, injury free, stable home and work, and enjoying life!  Now, where did I put those crutches?????


Lisa xox

### Can I just add that when you type in to google images "elephant on crutches" you get a picture of Naomi Campbell - no elephant and no crutches - just the supermodel - weird!!!!

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