Thursday, 24 January 2013

I Can't Show You My Face - I'm a Dentist!

No doubt you have all been waiting on the edge of your chairs/lounges/horses etc for the next instalment of my adventures driving 689786 km to work this morning.

Well I am pleased to let you know that there were no major incidents, that I was involved in, on the daily commute this morning - only a diesel spill at the servo but I didn't do it so I did what most people tend to do with these things - looked the other way!!

I'm the one looking the other way!

But I thought I would enlighten you on what may potentially be my next career move (and for those of you who don't know me, this would be career move # 54673.

So, one of my jobs at the moment is that I am currently working for a major health charity. I look after fundraising and events for a reasonably large regional/rural area and so work from a remote office. Now, let me just try and paint the picture for you.

I have a laptop - which invariably sits on my lap.  Why, I hear you ask (two dogs?? Oh, an oldie but a goodie!!)???

Gratuitous puppy pic!!!!

Well the office space that I am using is a reasonable size with 5 desks set up in it as well as the kitchen sink (actually two sinks - seems a little overboard!!). Sounds cushy????

It would be other than for the fact that there are 10 people who work out of this office. Not with the same company as me but all health related!  Now this can prove to be rather difficult when everyone is 'in' as certain people have their own desk, and the rest of us plebs have to fight for one, or use their lap for their lap top.

Still not the best solution as we then don't have enough chairs.  And our office is located within a dental surgery!

I typed in dental surgery and this was the image that came up!!!!!!!

I kid you not.

So, the other day, I was sitting on one of the chairs in the waiting room of the dental surgery trying to do all my important work stuff!!!!!!

Oh, then I remembered I had to have a teleconference (I'm sorry but can someone please supply me with a few tips on how to stay awake during a 1 hour teleconference when certain people just will not shut the beejeezus up and the rest of us are trying to keep their head from bouncing on the table??).

Well, you never would have guessed (no you wouldn't have!) but I ended up using one of the actual dental surgery rooms for my teleconference. Now I have quite a pathological fear of the dentist so to find myself in this situation was not amusing in any way, shape or form.

SO here I am sitting in the chair on my call when the drill starts up in the next room. Oh for crying out loud - is this for real or what???  Of course, being the consummate professional, I then started to emit some rather strange noises, similar to a cat being slowly stretched to within an inch of its life, and then had the facilitator of the call question as to whether I needed a moment.

my new office

Needed a moment???? Mate, I needed the whole frigging bottle shop as I sat there reflecting on my illustrious professional career when I had the use of cab charges when visiting pubs/clubs on the weekend in the big cities - all part of working for a brewery - to being upgraded on flights and staying in 5 star accommodation around the country and having to do presentations to every man and his dog to working in the illustrious world of magazine publishing, as well as teaching all those brilliant kids over the years.

And here I am at the ripe old age of 26 36 40 and a few years and sitting in a frigging dentist chair listening to some goose telling me how to run a frigging event when i would have run more events than he would have had cold showers (well, he is a bit of a tosser!!!).

So there you have it my friends! How I blow where the wind takes me (ahem!!) and who knows, next time you go visit the dentist, it may be me in that white coat, drill in hand and telling you to spit!!!!!

I said SPIT not S&%T!!!!


Lisa xox

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