Sunday, 27 January 2013

Self Indulgent Rant

Well, I had hoped that there wouldn't be another post look like this for the next 3 million years but alas, never a dull moment.

For those of you smartypants who guessed my little teaser on facebook recently, YES, WE DO HAVE TO FRIGGING WELL MOVE AGAIN.

I guess you could say that we have lived in this place for a while now, well, almost 5 months, so I guess it is a long time for us.

Oh why didn't you sign a lease? I hear you ask.

Let me tell you, rental leases are not worth the paper they are printed on. Yes, we continue to sign leases when we rent properties, and silly silly me always requests a 12 month lease so that Horse Girl and the Senior Sergeant have a modicum of stability in their lives. Yes, we signed a 12 month lease but, oh no, the owners have changed their mind and decided to move back in.

"Oh, we appreciate your discretion in this matter' mutters the real estate agent.  "They are in a somewhat comprimising position so we need to look after them."

Now I used to have compasssion, indeed I was full of it, for other people and their circumstances.  I hope that I still have some for certain people.


Sorry for shouting but honestly, they need a break! .I have  been absolutely dreading telling them, as they have been away on hols, and in fact ended up physically sick whislt waiting for them to arrive home to tell them.

How do you tell your kids that we have to move again, this will be our fourth house in 12 months.

But, I told them. And you know what?  There were a few tears and a bit of anger but they are so BLOODY BRILLIANT that they have just accepted it.....AGAIN.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of these two kids who have had to suffer more than a lot in their short lives but just keep on keeping on. They don't have all the latest gadgets, they don't have everything that opens and shuts, but they do have the most amazing personalities, looks (yes, I know - from their mother!!!) and they have the most incredible resilience.

They have gone through their parents marital breakdown and subsequent divorce, having to sell the family home, move houses every 3 minutes, but rarely do I hear them whinge and complain about what has been served to them.

SO yes, this is a self indulgent post.  You don't have to read any more - just close the page down.

But, to my two beautiful, gorgeous, incredible, amazing, resilient, tough as teak children, I LOVE YOU BOTH TO THE MOON AND BACK AND BEYOND.

Every day you both inspire me, you are the most amazing gift that I have been given and I will love and treasure you both for ever.

Thank you for coming in to my life and for being so strong.

And honestly, what more could happen!!!!!!!!!


Lisa xox

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