Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Thanks and a Little Update!

Firstly, thank you to those who read my last post and contacted me in one way or another offering help.

I never cease to be amazed by the amazing friends that we have - THANK YOU ALL!

And to the ANONYMOUS commentor on that post - you actually don't have to read my blog. It is your choice. If you don't like it, DON"T READ IT. Or if you do wish to read it and can only think of nasty things to say - GO AWAY. Anyway, your comment has been removed. Cos I am here for good not evil!!

So, we are moving.


Luckily, we have found a house that we all like, in a town in The Highlands that we haven't yet lived in (and let me tell you, there ain't too many of them left now).

The house is great, the kids are ok with it (ok with the house, not ok with the whole process!).

I am signing a 12 month lease but as history has proven, that is not worth the paper it is printed on. I have put in a call to the world's best (and rather cute as an added bonus) removalists (and if you are in The Highlands - you cannot beat Moss Vale Removals - I should own them by now but they are truly fabulous) and just waiting for them to let me know when they'll back that truck up again.

So the next few weeks are going to be filled with packing, chucking, packing some more, and impatient to be settled again.

But, we will get there.


Because this is how in control I look when moving house

And  yes, I know there are many people in the world, in our own community, who are suffering a hell of a lot more than we are.

But sometimes, life just........ keeps you busy!!!!!

It is yet another new start for our little gypsy family (well isn't that the world's most appropriate name for us) and with the Senior Sergeant starting high school in a couple of days and Horse Girl entering into that wonderful Year 9 phase, who knows what 2013 will bring.

I just hope it is one of laughter, love and happiness for all (cos honestly, WTF else could happen?????)


Lisa x0x

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Yep, a truer picture there never was!!!

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