Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Golden Touch

So it is the end of a busy busy weekend. We have been madly packing, cleaning, mowing, gardening, cleaning, packing, weeding and packing and cleaning over the past few days.

The latest move is just days away (with a major event I have to run between now and then) so we have been very busy. 

But of course, the road is never a smooth one in the life of these Country Gypsies and there have been one or two issues over the past few days just to test one's patience!!

It all started on Friday when I was about to mow.  Filling the tank of the mower with petrol (and slight spillage as I do EVERY TIME!!) and trying to rip the cord out of its socket to start it, as per every use, it cranked up then faded away to nothing.

Almost managing to dislocate my shoulder each time I pulled the cord, I no doubt looked a sight when Mr B, Charlie the Wonder Dog's pseudo Godfather - this is where he escapes to on a very regular basis- pulled up asking if I needed a hand. My reply mentioned something about the Pope being a Catholic and luckily for me (well I didn't want to look any more of an idiot than I do!!!) Mr  B couldn't get it working either so kindly offered me his mower to use.

Now this was very very kind of Mr B and I did take up his offer but WHY OH WHY COULD IT NOT HAVE BEEN ANY OF THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THE STREET WHO ALL HAVE FRIGGING RIDE ON'S!!!!!

So thinking that I had better find out what was wrong with the mower I then went down to my lovely Friend MR A who fixes lawn mowers. Of course, the wonderful MR A did indeed fix the mower, and replace the broken fuel cap and the missing bolt  and then ever so kindly advised  me that I had been putting the wrong frigging fuel in the machine!!!!!!!!

Of course, I also had trouble with the whipper snipper (what is it with Big W and their gardening machinery) so I had to take that to the lovely MR A who then showed me where (and indeed what) the choke is so I managed to get that working too!!

Oh but don't think it stops there.

Over the weekend I have also managed to splash petrol in my eye and have the petrol station man BEG me to go to the hospital to have my eye washed out (well of course I didn't - who was going to drive home!) so just excuse any spelling errors as I am typing with the use of only one eye! And honestly, how bad can it get?? And I have no idea what type of petrol it was but I do know there was some slight spillage at the petrol station but I'm sure the HASMAT team got that sorted (HASMAT - I have no idea but hopefully you get my meaning).

Oh and I also have a rather large piece of tree embedded in my leg which I can't get out - from flicking up from bloody mowing but I'm sure it will eventually pop out (I hope - anyway!).

And of course then when another wonderful friend came over with a trailer that I could use to get rid of green crap, I decided to hand over a 6 pack of beer. But of course, that ended up in approximately 3 million pieces on the kitchen floor before I could even hand it over!

Did I also mention that upon WALKING...YES MERELY WALKING past a lamp on a table, I then managed to knock that off and smash it into 45 000 pieces.

So yes, it appears I have the Golden Touch at the moment. Anything I touch turns to gold - or perhaps even a slightly off yellow colour, and in 3500000000000 pieces.

Let's just say, BRING ON MONDAY!!!!!!

Hope your weekend was trauma free :)


Lisa  xox

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