Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Bucket Career???

On my 30000 daily commute to one of my places of work this morning, I did some thinking!

Yes, I know, it did hurt a little but I had to do something and my singing was driving even me a little batty this morning

You see I am doing a bucket list. Now this has been a work in progress for some time, and I have done a draft or fifty-five blog posts for it but that too is a work in progress.

My Bucket List!!!

Now some of the things that are on my bucket list are probably what might be on yours. And then some won't be!

But my thinking pattern (if there is such a thing) then got slightly distracted (well there's a surprise) and I started reflecting over my life, in particular my working career.

I have had one or two of fifty five changes of career and although I am probably not now where I thought I would be, I have had some funny times..

There has also been some incredibly tough times, distressing times, but also many times that I think have made me a stronger person (or full of a lot of shite anyway)

Like the time when I was going to a meeting in Canberra with some very important people (no, not at Parliament but at one of the big pubs) and I had toilet paper stuck in my pants, trailing along behind me (I know, I have no shame). I then got the giggles so badly that I couldn't finish the meeting and had to phone them the next day.

said my colleagues.....

Or the time when I first started teaching and one of my little girls in my class turned to another little girl and said (And I have obviously changed the names here - only because it was so long ago I can't remember them!) "Oh Jenny, it was fun having your Dad come and stay the night last night. We had so much fun and then I went and jumped on him and Mummy in bed this morning!"  And poor little Jenny's reply "Mmmmm, Mum was really cranky that Daddy didn't come home and she said she was going to cut them off"!!!.  Yes, that was an interesting piece of news!!!

Or the times when I used to be the hostess (with no bloody mostess) on the coach tours when all their real ones were out on jobs and we used to drive through the truck weighing stations. I used to tell my passengers that we were indeed slightly overweight so could they please lift their feet up off the floor when we were getting weighed so that we wouldn't get a fine (and I fooled them every. single. time!!). 

Of course, on these trips I used to love having a chat to the mostly elderly people. They were (mostly) so beautiful and gorgeous and there was one time when we started sharing the microphone around for some jokes (well, some trips were LONG).  My joke repertoire consisted of two...
Joke 1 - What do you call the cows laying on the flat ground over there???
              Ground beef
Joke 2 - What do you call the cows standing on the side of the hill???
              Lean beef

I KNOW - Funny as.....

Extra Lean beef!!!!

Well of course then one of the fellows decided he would like to share a joke with everyone.
The microphone was sent down the back of the coach (not a bus - coaches have toilets and therefore are called coaches!!!) and off he began.  Now I was up the front of the coach by this stage and although listening, was also having a chat with the driver. All of a sudden the driver looked at me and said "Oh shit, you better get that microphone back - I wouldn't even tell you this joke and that's saying something!!!!"

So trying to break Usain Bolt's record for the dash down the aisle, and with the driver then slamming on the brakes so I got there even faster, I managed to wrangle the microphone from this particular passenger with one or two very terse words spoken.   Oh well, at least I didn't have any one die on THAT trip!!!

Then of course there was my time working for Carlton and United Breweries where I looked after all the promotions for their yuppie boutique beers, three wineries and Laurent Perrier Champagne House.
But I can't remember any of it so just use your imagination!!!

Of course, my career has expanded a number of industries - I even worked in the very unglamourous world of fashion magazines.  Although perhaps telling one of the editors that I thought her previous issue was full of crap and did she actually know who her readers were probably wasn't one of my best career moves!!!!!
And this was similiar to the look I received

There are many more stories so obviously many more blog posts about my career to come.

But last week when I did a day's teaching of 7 year olds (I needed to regain my sanity!!!) I was a little surprised when one of the little darling's said to me....
"Oh man, Mrs E, I can't wait to get home and rip this bloody bra off. It's killing me!"
And my response  "Me too darling, me too!"

Hope your having a good day/night at whatever work you do!

Lisa   xox

p.s. One of my work colleagues was having a really tough day today through no fault of her own (although I was the one who was working in the dental waiting room!!!)  Be nice to your colleagues - sometimes they just need to be told they are ok!!

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