Saturday, 16 February 2013

All About Bailey

 Well here I am half way through the Relay For Life in Queanbeyan.

For those of you (perhaps my Guatemalan readers) Relay for Life is a fundraising event for the Cancer Council.   We started at 10am this morning (Saturday) and will finish at 10am Sunday. Of course, the physical set up started 24 hours earlier so after 3 hours sleep I am feeling a little weary ( no actually I'm frigging buggered but anyway)

But I just wanted to share with you a story that is going to inspire me to keep going for about another 30 hours which will be the next time I actually see a bed.

These aren't cancer stories but a young person who has inspired me today to keep going...even when some complete and utter idiot decided to have a go at me a little while ago.  Although I did want to headbutt him, I thought of this beautiful boy I met today  and realised some adults are just plain bloody idiots.

This story is about young Bailey. He is only 5 years old and had registered as a participant. Bailey's target was to walk around the oval which is about 400 metres, holding on to Mum and Dad's hand.

You see, Bailey can't walk. He uses two sticks but that gets too tiring for his little body so he spends most of his time in a wheelchair.  I was privileged to be there when young Bailey completed his lap today. And I tell you what, although many of us adults have plenty of things to deal with (including moving house the day after tomorrow, well that ain't no struggle anymore) sometimes we need to get over ourselves and think about struggles that others have, especially innocent little kids.

I am as frigging tired as anything and frustrated with some so called professional people at the moment but you know what.... I actually am not going to waste anymore time thinking of them now. Because little Bailey, you are INCREDIBLE mate and no little kid should have to endure what you do.

Bailey completed that one lap, and yes, I cried. He then completed another 29 laps in his wheelchair. And his beautiful Mum gave me the honour of pushing this beautiful boy around on his final lap.
And no Bailey, you shouldn't have thanked me beautiful boy. It was my absolute privilege and honour to have you let me push you around little man. And I only hope and pray that life deals you no  more hardship mate cos in your five years, you have had to endure more than most bloody adults.

So yes I am so tired I can barely move. And I can tell you I have shed more than one tear today and am absolutely positive I am going to shed more tonite when we have a remembrance ceremony and I think of some special people.

And when I can barely keep my eyes open after we finish and pack up tomorrow and I head on that drive home to my own kids, I am going to think of young Bailey who struggled those 400 metres around the oval which must have felt like walking around Australia and that is going to keep me going!

Cheers all

Lisa Xbox

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