Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who Stole The Bloody Knives???

Yep, we are in!


The move is completed. 

But, let me tell you, this has been a bloody hard slog this one. Don't get me wrong (well do but it won't make a difference to me either way) as we really like this new house. I am sitting here typing this on the dining room table (cos it's the only table space I can find at the moment) and I have a magnificent view overlooking parts of the Highlands. It truly is gorgeous.

And the house is great.

Of course, as with all moves there have been a few issues. Like the garage door only going up - not down.

And unpacking the cutlery and discovering we have lost all our knives (wtf???)  I guess I should just pull some out of my back but ..who needs them anyway!!!

And of course, not being able to connect the tv. Yep, I should just be able to plug it in, turn it on and off we go.


The aerial connection doesn't fit. Of course it wouldn't.  So a quick trip into Dick Smith (and to the lady in the Mittagong store - and yes, I am naming your store - you were about as helpful as a frigging bull in a china shop) and then another trip into the Bowral store where the lovely young fellow (I think I have just turned into my Nana using that phrase!!) suggested what I needed to do and it would only cost me $10!!!
SO of course, after doing the 55th final clean of the old house, and without shedding a tear, I closed the door on that four month rental and drove home to connect the tv!!

Oh but no, of course, that didn't work. SO the Senior Sergeant and I drove back into town and the next lovely young fellow in Dick Smith in Boooooowwwwwrrrraaaaallllll the told me another way around this problem, and I didn't need to spend any more $$$$$$....yet.

Now I have managed to turn myself into a bit of an electrician tonite and connected and disconnected and reconnected so we now have a tv which has a lovely blue screen as an artistic feature in our lunge room cos I still cannot get the bloody thing to work.

This normally would not be SO FRIGGING FRUSTRATING but with what has been a really tough move for the little Country Gypsy family both emotionally and physically, I just want it to be simple.

Like me.


Anyway, of course there are many more issues in life that we need to worry about but for CRYING OUT LOUD- GIVE US A FRIGGING BREAK!!!!

Anyway, the animals have all survived the move too. Charlie the Wonder Dog did manage to escape the first night and when I went looking for me early hours the next morning here he was lying on the front porch.....with a random shoe (again!!!). How the hell he knew that this was our house after his neighbourhood wander beats me as the kids and I sill can't remember but anyway, he seems happy enough.

Our little chickies are growing fast and almost ready to go out into their chook pen - which will be good as their is nothing worse than trying to move a box from one room to another and have a little escaped chook flapping at your feet.

And Fred Fish, well, he is still swimming away. We have to take most of the water out of his bowl for transportation purposes, it's just a bit awkward when three days later you look at him and he is still flapping around in 3cm of water!!!  It's all good now, he is happy as a in water!!!

Anyway, thanks to my beautiful friends and family who helped either physically or emotionally with this move.  I don't deny yesterday was a shocker for me, and even the world's best removalists had to give me a bit of support (and a coffee or two) a couple of times to get me through the day.

And to my beautiful kids - you amaze me!!!!  Every day!!!

And Horse Girl - good things will happen...I can't promise when but they will - that I know!!!!


Lisa xox

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