Thursday, 14 February 2013

So WHo's From Uranus?

Well it appears Men aren't really from Mars!!!

Yes, this was one of the headlines in the news recently.  Personally, I would have thought that there would have been at least 85 000 more newsworthy items than this but at least it has given me a topic to write about!

Now I am the least equipped person to give relationship advice (My mother wanted me to make my debut in high school because she thought it may have been the only time she saw me in a white dress - little did she know!!!!) but I felt that I should impart my wisdom on this topic!!!

Back in the 1990's when apparently we were all devouring the book - Men are from Mars Women are From Venus- apparently we decided to live our relationships according to this book.  So us chicks 'apparently' let the blokes go to their man cave to do whatever it is they do, we didn't worry when we were talking to our blokes about whatever and their eyes started to glaze over and we just dropped them off at the pub so they could watch the footy with their mates than spend the day with us!

Now looking at what us chicks did for them, I would reckon that we are possibly entitled to legendary status.

So what did we get in return????

Um...well...ah...hang on a minute - I'm thinking...... this is where I find it difficult.
Not just wondering in what us chicks wanted but what was wrong with doing the above anyway.
Seriously, ladies. Have your eyes never glazed over when a member of the male species talks at you about something that you either have no interest in/have no idea what they are indeed talking about/ or are thinking about booking your next waxing appointment?????

And really, do you want to go the pub with them EVERY time they go to the pub to yell at the television and discuss the finer points of whatever sport they may be watching and discussing how much better they are in that particular sport or how they would coach them better or how they are just better in an all round way????

And the man cave???  Well at least they aren't making a mess in the house and if they want to go out and do whatever they do in their man caves, as long as they aren't hurting themselves or anyone else what's wrong with it.  Maybe they are building something/creating something/drinking beer and snoring.......... EVERYONE needs their space - not just men!

I guess, in my experience, sometimes us chicks do find it hard if a bloke has an issue but doesn't want to chat us about it as we like to help or don't like to see others stress or be unhappy.
And some blokes do want to just sort out the problem for us rather  than listening to us whinge or complain about something.

But do we really want to be the same??? How boring would that be!  So whether we are from Mars, Venus, Pluto or Saturn, I just want to be the 'consultant' who was no doubt paid $1000000000000 to decide that men and women are different (no shit Sherlock!) but just be nice to each other.

Anyway, wherever you are from Happy Valentine's Day. If you believe in it or not!!!

Yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa xox

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