Thursday, 29 March 2012

Cheering Myself Up

Also known as embarrassing moment # 6713

So, I thought I would continue on with the embarrassing moments theme - not just because there are SO many but am having a crap time at the moment with something so need a laugh - and why not laugh at myself!!!

Last year I was working on another short term contract for a local government authority. This was located basically inside a retail complex - well, OK, you walked out the door, down about 30 steps and in another door and then voila...retail heaven (well, not really heaven but anyway, I digress)

This particular day I must have had some very important crap stuff to do or was meeting with some over inflated egos very important people as I was all suited up, with the high heels (no, not the same pair as the last story, but similar). Anyway, I have strutted around in heels on and off for many years now and this was nothing new to wear them to work. They are actually one of the most comfy pairs of shoes I have had.

So this day I was heading down to the shops to grab a coffee and just had my wallet and ID tag. After pulling some ridiculous faces at a couple of the staff on the ground floor (you know who you are) I walked out the doors and started to walk down the steps.

Now I do have a bit of a phobia about stairs and I do like to hang on to the rail. I know, Nanna Nanna. But, I have been known to fall both down and up stairs, generally not at the same time, and have spent many a time at the Old Mater Hospital in Sydney getting even more stitches put in my body.

Having also had two failed knee reconstructions on the one leg, I also feel as though my leg may give away at any second when going down stairs so I hang on like there's no tomorrow and won't let go of that hand rail for anyone.

Having managed to get down the stairs without incident, I was then walking the 20 steps to make it into the doors of the retail centre. Whilst also checking I actually had enough coinage for a coffee.

Well, lo and behold, down I went. No idea how it happened but yes, I fell over. No, my heel didn't get caught in anything, no I wasn't drunk (yet) and no I did not walk into anyone.

I. Just. Fell.


So, splat goes the wallet and all those absolutely useless customer reward cards that I have. Of course, there were no monetary notes (there hardly ever is in my wallet) but as I had been trying to make $4.50 out of silver, that went a yonder.

Once again, I landed in downward dog pose, and once again, could feel the pain of the split knee and also the gravel rash on one palm.

Now by this stage I was very concerned that there would be my co workers standing around and laughing at me, but luck would have it, I couldn't see any (although I heard afterwards that there were a few who were hiding behind poles in fits of laughter!).

As I was trying to regain oxygen in my lungs, I started to try to put my head in an upward position and spotted a young woman (well, that isn't actually what I would call her but she was female) with a young fellow and a younger boy of about 13/14. The young lad then came skating over towards me on his skateboard asking "Oh lady, are youse awright?"

After I gave him a lesson on the correct use of the English language, he helped me up to my feet (no mean feat for him). I could then hear smirking and looked towards the scrag female who was now convulsing with laughter with tears streaming down her face.

Anyway, back to me. Now that I was upright, I thanked the young lad who was standing there looking at me. Thinking he may have been waiting for a tip, I asked him if he was OK. He replied "Oh I am OK, I just wanna make sure you are OK. See, my gran is like you, she is always falling over too".

Well, didn't that make me feel better.

Anyway, I am sure the boy  has now recovered (nah, just kidding). Although his command of the English Language was not up to speed, he was a good kid making sure I was ok.

Oh, and once I regained composure (well, I actually hadn't but pretended to), I walked past the girl with my head held high (and blood dripping down my leg faster than Ben Cousins says yes to a drug deal) I said to her "don't you laugh Missy, you'll be like me one day" to which I heard her mutter under her breath "Not likely!"

So, there you go. Yet another of my mishaps which fortunately left no lasting injury but can now be the point of a good laugh (most of the time)

Any you want to share??


Lisa x0x

Well, now, that cheered me up!

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  1. Hi GC's,

    The thing about this blog is that I was only thinking yesterday that someday we would get a blog about your medical history. Lo and behold, we have part of it.

    I must admit I had a tear in the old eye when you mentioned the Mater Hospital, many a good time was spent there, or many a time anyway.

    You must have been in Newcastle when this incident (this blog) occurred as the word 'youse' is very popular up there.

    Until next time.

    The Phantom Poster.

    Chemist Warehouse, which is over the fence from us, not BIG warehouse, has walkers going for $99.00 just to assist you with your walking problem, which you obviously have.