Friday, 16 March 2012

Neighbours, Every Body Loves Good Neighbours!

I was going to write today about some news headlines that I saw this week.
These included how Madonna is doing it tough as a single Mum of four, and how Gwen Stefani felt that life was really hard being a working Mum.

Oh, the words, spinning around in my head for that blog post. Poor pets!

But, I have decided instead to let you know of yet another embarrassing moment in my life. Yes. That's right. It just goes on and on. And on. And this one happened last night!

Now I am in a bit of a decluttering frenzy at the moment (not that you would think so if you walked in to my house). But, as we seem to be regular movers (and shakers - ha ha ha) I must admit I have started to wonder as to what is in those boxes that I move from one garage to another.

So in the interests of my back, I have decided it it time that I look inside them. As one who has change occupations on a fairly regular basis, I have quite a lot of boxes which are occupation related. I have boxes for primary school teaching, a box of swim  teaching 'stuff', boxes of TAFE teaching resources, oh and even three boxes of trophies for my current job.

Not only that, but I have tried pretty much every type of craft activity under the sun. So I also have boxes of 'stuff' for mosaics, scrapbooking, stamping, card making, ceramics, sewing - ok, I am going to stop there.

Oh, and don't get me started on how many boxes of folders I have from the divorce and subsequent bankrupting family court hearing and paying for a round the world holiday for my solicitor and his family of five.

Therefore, the dining table, much of the floor in that room, the kitchen table and the kitchen benches, as well as the lounge room floor had some of my 'stuff' spread all over them tonight. And, not wanting to get my 'good' clothes dirty, I changed from my work clothes to a daggy old pair of shorts and a torn black singlet top which also has paint splodges all over it (Oh I forgot, box of painting supplies too).

I had also decided to scrunch my hair back in some type of sexy crap looking ponytail and had managed to wipe most of my mascara down my face when I heard a knock on the door!

For crying out loud, I don't even tell the family where we live, who on earth would be coming to visit (and I DID pay the gas bill on Monday so knew it wouldn't be them).

Oh, it's the neighbour from over the road who has not acknowledged me in any way, shape or form for the 10 months we have lived here. Every time I see them I wave madly (maybe that has something to do with it) and get absolutely no response.

Why, I hear you ask, was he popping over on a school night? Surely he didn't need a cup of sugar???
Oh no, he needed to know if his son was successful in gaining a place in a team related to my work.

Oh, please come in. We always live like this looking as though we are a bunch of carnies who have just lobbed in for a night or two.

And then, he followed me around the house as I was trying to find his so important piece of paper asking me completely irrelevant questions whilst I was trying to look ever so professional with hair sticking up like I had just put my hand in a power point and received a massive electric shock.

So, the moral of the story? Well, there are two.

1. If you are the neighbour, WAVE as you never know when you are going to want something from them
2. See number 1


Lisa  xox


  1. Hi Country yoboos, sorry gypsies.

    PP here, you have no doubt been wondering where I have been, but really some of your past blogs have not really been worth commenting on.

    Anyway, the neighbours story got me going and if you will, I can tell you a neighbour story.

    It all started back in 1988 when we bought our little house in Wallalong. A few months later the house next door was sold and the house next door to that, so we got new neighbours fairly much straight away. After a few years of partying and drinking and a bit of drinking and partying, we all decided to sell up and move on.

    Would you believe all three families then built new homes and low and behold our old neighbours were our new neighbours all over again. So the partying and drinking continued and we said ENOUGH. So we headed off to Victoria for three and a bit years and when we headed back to the Hunter region, we decided to build a new house. Low and bloody behold our ex-ex neighbours were our new neighbours again, except this time we lived across the road, so transport to and from each others home was by ride on mower, bugger walking.

    After one year we had enough of the partying and drinking (I think I have heard that before) and returned to Victoria.

    On our return to the hunter two years later, this time in a bus, we called into see one of our ex-ex neighbours. We left eight months later. We thought seeing as he had a few acres, why not share with them.

    Anyway, we moved back to Victoria, via another new house, but this time with new neighbours and lo and behold, wait for it...........actually new neighbours, but they liked to party and drink. Only problem there was I gave up drinking (no thanks to that doctor, who I have no idea what he did to me on that operating table, but I have not drunk since).

    Our neighbour now is a McDonald's restaurant (if restaurant is the appropriate word), and I kid you not.

    So I must admit we have been blessed with the neighbours we have had and some of those friendships are still strong after 25 years.

    So there you have it CG's, just thought I would share that with you. Obviously I have a bit of time on my hands this morning.

    The Phantom Poster

    1. Hello PP
      Nice to see you back but seriously your comment was so long that I can't remember what you said at the start so am just going to say.....