Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Embarassing Moments # 679, #899 and #2304

So If you read an earlier post you will realise that I have had some embarrassing moments in my life, as well as awkward ones (black bra anyone - read back if you have no idea what I am talking about)

I was discussing these with Horse Girl recently and she reminded me of many a couple which I thought I might share.

#679 - The Job Interview. I have had a shitload few jobs over the years and like to think that I am quite cool, calm and collected when doing the whole job interview thing - Lord knows I have had enough practise.
This particular time was not that long ago when a contract I had was drawing to an end and I was desperately seeking more work. I managed to score an interview for this certain job and of course the distance from where I was working at the time to where I had to go for the interview was quite considerable.

Not wanting to be late, I left enough time to basically drive around Australia get to the interview without rushing. So with an HOUR TO SPARE, I went and grabbed a coffee and read over my notes.

I was all suited up with heels on, although not the 94 inch ones you see young girls wearing these days (I can say that as I am old) but ones that I have had for some time and had no trouble walking in.  So, the time had come and I walked into the interview. The place where the interview was being held was in a construction site as they were still building the business (literally, they were still building the building) but I thought, ah no worries, I have been on building sites before.

As the interviewer proceeded to put his hand out to greet me (not in a high five type way but a mere handshake) I manage to get my heel caught and couldn't quite manage to extricate my heel out of the crack in the floor whilst staying upright.

I then proceeded to fall oh so inelegantly down the interviewer with my outstretched hand doing what appear to be a 'pat down' of his entire body! I ended up in downward facing dog pose (or whatever its called) and trying not to cry - more from sheer embarrassment as I did not realise I had cut my knee so badly that I would later have to consider a blood transfusion due to the amount of blood loss.

Of course it was one of those VERY awkward moments when no one knew what to do. The interviewer stood there saying - Oh dear- whilst his assistant tried not to giggle and picked up all my papers. Meanwhile, I was still in my yoga position wondering how the hell I would recover.

But recover I did. I scrambled jumped to my feet and brushed myself down (as opposed to brushing the interviewer down) and said - "Right, now that's over, let's get on with it".

I think the interviewer was possibly more shocked than me at this stage and offered a glass of water. Glass of friggin' water - How about a vodka mate!  So, the interview proceeded with his 16 year old blonde bimbo assistant still trying not to laugh and mean trying not to deck her during the interview.

And it finished with my suit pants stuck to my leg thanks to dried blood and me trying to laugh it off and suggesting that surely my inability to stand on two feet would not hinder my employment prospects.

Alas, it appears it did!

And now, you will just have to wait for # 899 and #2305. But they're a coming!


Lisa xoxo

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