Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I've Got What Hanging Off Me???

I thought it was time again for another tedious  exciting story from my past life.

A couple of years decades ago I worked for Fosters! Yep, the beer one. And I didn't drink beer at the time. Lucky for me I was in charge of doing the promotions and marketing work for their yuppie boutique imported beers, their Cascade Brand, three wineries and a french champagne house.

I know, I know, but someone had to do it. And get paid for it. And have a company car. And a cab charge account for the weekends! Ah, the memories - actually I can't remember too much of that time but I know it was fun! Funny how I was so popular at the time.

Anyway, one of my ventures was to go down to Thredbo and Perisher Valley and Jindabyne during the winter months, to make sure people were drinking, responsibly of course.  So this particular trip I timed it so tow of my friends came with me from Sydney and we managed to do a bit of skiing and a bit of apres skiing - all in the line of work!

On the way to the snow, I had to stop in at Canberra for a meeting at one of the big posh hotels. I was all suited up, and when we got there, had to race in to the bathroom - well, it was a long drive.  My friends had followed me in and then as I walked out of the ladies I told them i would meet them in a little while, after the meeting.

They were looking ever so strangely at me, with mouths pursed like a cat's bum and tears starting to fill their eyes. Thinking that they were either completely insane, or just off their rockers, I walked out, and off to where my meeting was being held, to the strains of their unashamed laughter.

Reaching the table where the Very Important People were who I was meeting, one of my friends raced up to me and grabbed me around the waist, telling me to back up slowly. Concerned that my friend had gone completely off her dial, I asked her WTF?????

As I excused myself to my very important meeting people, I backed up and glared at my friends. Once they had finally stopped laughing, they managed to get a few words out.

Ones that you do not want to hear, especially when you are at a very important meeting.

"Lisa, toilet ..... paper.....undies......skirt....trailing..."

Yep, that's right. I had toilet paper stuck in my undies which my skirt was tucked into and it was trailing after me as I walked so confidently in my serious work heels to my very serious meeting.

Red anyone?????

Oh, just one of SO many........

Had any of your own embarassing moments you'd like to share???


Lisa xox

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