Monday, 26 March 2012

My Reality Show

Sorry, it's been a while.
You know how life gets busy, and time moves way too fast!

But I have decided that perhaps I should go the way of Lara Bungle Bingle. Apparently she is going to have her own reality TV show called I'm Lara Bingle (well, it wouldn't be - I am a girl from The Shire who scored big time with a cricketer but then got bored and now I am a ......) or Being Lara Bingle (well, it wouldn't be - Being a model who has the most amazing credentials in ...nothing) or some such title.

Apparently she is going to rent some place and move her best friend/agent (what does that mean and what do they do and do they actually get paid for it) and her tradie brother in so we can see a warts and all show of her life.

Now, I am not exactly sure what Ms Bingle actually does for a living. I know for a while she was highly overpaid for the most ridiculous ad for Tourism Australia, and that she was also posing in a bikini with a cricket bat in another.

I think she may also be known for driving around in a ludicrously expensive car which she had trouble parking and that she wears just as ludicrous high heels.

mmm, sounds like riveting television viewing.

So, just to give you an insight into my reality show, I thought I would give you a bit of insight into my exciting life in the past few days, and the upcoming few days.

Well, today I went and watched the Senior Sergeant play his first trial game of footy for 2012. Exciting times included him losing his mouthguard the minute he arrived at the game and having to borrow someone else's (mmmm, not too sure about that - I think it was previously unused) and then watch him play a decent game. I know, I know, very exciting tv viewing here. I also managed to drink most of a coffee until I tipped it up and realised the lid had NOT been secured properly so that the remainder of the coffee (and it was a large one so just imagine how much was left) then proceeded to make it's way down my rather expansive cleavage and burn the crap out of me.

What other riveting segments of my life could be filmed?  Ah yes, the ongoing saga of the world's biggest bees nest which has been developing outside my bedroom window for some time now. It is rather ugly and has grown to gigantic portions (OK, slight overstatement here but it is TV) but the worst thing is they have now gone into the wall cavities so at night in bed I can hear all the little buggers partying up and down the wall cavity.

I know, I Know. I reckon channels 7, 9 and 10 are just going to come knocking down my door anytime soon with such riveting episodes of my life happening each and every day.

And you want to know what I say to them?

Hey, where the bloody hell are you?

(get it, the only thing I remember about good old Lara Loose Lips)


Lisa xox

p.s. No supermodels, models, or mildy attractive women were hurt during the writing of this blog post

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