Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Relay For Life

We have signed up. Yep!
We will be walking, walking and more walking around in circles (I do seem to do this on a fairly regular basis so how hard can it be)

The Horse Girl, the Senior Sergeant and I are going to do the Relay for Life in Bowral at the end of April. Horse Girl came home from school the other day announcing that some of her friends are keen. To say that I am proud of the two mini gypsies is an understatement. They are so keen to do this and to be involved. Cheers to them I say!

We, as a family, know of a number of people who have been afflicted by cancer in one way or another. We love to celebrate life with those who managed to survive, and we mourn those who succumbed to this absolutely hideous disease. We think about them a lot.

So, I figured, how hard can it be. If the weather stays like this, it will be cold, muddy, wet and yuck.

But that's NOTHING compared to cancer treatments and all the other hideous effects.

So, I have my new runners and am about to start getting into training. Must admit, the thought of training in this weather is not all that appealing, but my motto - Oh suck it up Lisa - what's a bit of water!

Now, here's the catch

If you would like to donate to the cause, we have set up our fundraising pages. Horse girl is aiming to raise $200 and she is already over halfway there.

The Senior Sergeant has a goal of $50 and has already exceeded that.

My goal at this stage is $200 and I am up and running thanks to a wonderful friend.

So if you have a few dollars spare, we would love if you can donate to one of us.
Just click on one of the links

Horse Girl -

Senior Sergeant

and me

And it's OK if you don't, just send us positive thoughts at the end of April - oh and something for pain relief may be useful too!!!!

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