Friday, 9 March 2012

Cranky Women's Association

I know. I have taken a huge risk with the title of today's blog and I mean NO DISRESPECT at all.
It is just one of the terms I have heard when people describe the CWA, also known as the Country Women's Association.

I read that Germaine Greer, in all her glory, has suggested that feminists who want to align themselves with an organisation that is moving forward, chose the CWA.

Country Women's Association ... feminist organisation of a different kind.

I can tell you from personal experience that these chicks are bloody hard workers. Not only is Mum one, but I have also seen them work at The Royal (Easter Show) and at an event here in The Highlands.

A few years ago I had the bad luck  fortune to work at the Royal Easter Show on on of the stands promoting country living (Unfortunately that area of the country has been deluged with flood waters this week so not sure how well that will work now) and at the end of the days I was buggered.  They are long days standing on a concrete floor and dealing with idiots people asking amazing questions!

Starting at 8am every day and working through till 9pm every night was hard work. There are some seriously odd people out there who ask some seriously odd questions. But I digress.

Those CWA ladies came in earlier than the crack of dawn and cooked and baked and baked and cooked to provide scones for the masses. And I mean masses. As I was one of the plebs I was given special clearance to go into the kitchen and always get an extra dollop of cream once I told them that Mum was a CWA chook.

I bet these ladies have a few stories to share!
I managed to work the whole 14 days in a row, and I was absolutely shattered by the end. And some of these chooks were the same (although about 40 OK, 30 years older than me).  SO I have the UTMOST respect for these ladies.

And everyone loves a CWA scone!

When I ran a 14 day event here in The Highlands a couple of years ago, I also worked with some of our local CWA organisations. One of the best things I have seen was one of the Senior ladies tear strips off someone I worked with for idiotic ideas and basically being an all round idiot! You Go Girl.

So, although I found it interesting that Ms Greer has suggested that feminists join them, I can't help but wonder why she has suggested this. I would like to see her at the local meeting!

But, it is not all scones and tea from these wonderful ladies. They do an incredible amount for the local communities, and not all of this is promoted or big noted as some other organisations like to do.

So, today, I SALUTE YOU CWA CHOOKS. You are one fine team!

CWA of New South Wales


Lisa x0x


  1. Hi Lisa,

    Just popping over to say hi. Those CWA woman sound like an awesome group of woman. I love the idea of making over an old van too :) xx Sonia

  2. Hi Sonia

    Thanks for your comment and checking me out!
    I must say when I saw your blog a few weeks and read your profile, I thought SNAP.
    Online shopping and vodka - two of my favourite things!
    Thanks again