Monday, 14 November 2011

Ambulance versus Billycart!!!!

I hope you all had a good weekend.
Mine started a little bit earlier than normal with preparing to take  Georgia to Equitana 2011 In Sydney.

Of course, we thought we would be getting up at about 6.30am on Friday morning to drive up to Sydney however I was woken a little earlier by Mum who, with Dad, had come down for a few days.

After turning over in bed to find Mum peering over me and asking me if I was awake (well, yes, I am now after you have just frightened the bejeezus out of me) and that Dad was unwell. This at 3.30 am - yes, that's right people, 3.30AM!!!!!!!

They had come down the day prior and Dad thought he would help out in the garden!
So after a bit of this

chop chop chop (sound effects please people)

and then a bit more

Skinny little legs!!!!

and then for some reason doing this

This may have been the catalyst for the heart problems!!!

he appeared to overdo it. He wasn't sure if he was having another heart attack so we rang 000 just in case. 

Of course, living three doors away from the hospital, it would have been much faster to pop him in Sam's billycart and push him down there, but the ambulance was pretty quick.

My only concern was that one of the ambo's looked to be around about the same age as Dad! He even had to get out of bed and just stroll on out to the ambulance - personally I think they were a wee bit too lazy to get the stretcher out.

They seriously need to get a new signwriter - this one writes backwards!!!

When they were closing the door, I did offer to give them a race to the hospital (being the mad athlete that I am) but that joke went down about as well as Julia Gilliard's carbon tax.

Maybe this ambulance next time????

So after then going back to bed, and falling asleep at about 6am, I wwas once again woken by Mum peering over me at 6.30am asking "Are you awake?????"

The moral of the story, when your parents come to stay and you sleep somewhere else rather than your own bed - DON'T TELL YOUR MOTHER WHERE YOU ARE!!!!!

P.S. Dad is fine. Doctor couldn't decide whether he was going to have another heart attack or had starined muscles doing the gardening so they took the safest option - they sent him home  (Well, have you stayed in a NSW public hospital lately???!!!)

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