Monday, 28 November 2011

The Preparations Begin......

We are getting excited about our upcoming camping trip. We still have a few weeks to go, but it will be on us in no time (and Mr Robber - if you think you are going to come and steal all our wordly goods I have three things to tell you...
1. We don't have any
2. Could you give the house a bit of a tidy up whislt you're here...and
3. We have someone looking after our house and pets so they will be here)

I thought I should have a look at what we have and what we still need.

There are like 3 gazillion checklists for camping on the www. so I had a bit of a read, then got a bit bored
so went and made a cushion instead - to take camping of course.

Oh well, if we can't get there, at least we have the cushion!!!!

Anyway, we do have a few things.  Here is a pic from an earlier post when we gave the tent a trial run in the backyard
Oh sorry, it looked almost like this

Yes, have to cut Georgia's legs off so she can stand up, but LOOKING GOOD!

And this is what the tent looks like today

Yes, it is still in a bundle on the back deck because we can't quite fit it back in the bag yet.  Oh well, am sure we will get it sorted out soon.

Now as I was going through my checklist, I got some of the stuff out so I could check it off.

Let's see...

Cute coloured bowls -  check
Very cute washing up gloves - check
Pretty gingham tablecloth for the camp table - check

Champagne glass that glows when you flick the switch - check and check (I got two!!!)

Ok, so I may not have the groundsheet, the extra poles and pegs, gas bottle, cooking plate, billy, port a potty, floor mat for the entrance of tent (oh, for God's sake), jerry can, Ducth Oven (no idea), tent repair kit or annexe.

But, I do have the collapsible water bucket, which will no doubt come in very handy.

So, all in all, we are looking reasonably organised, bar one or thirty major items. But am I worried, no! Did I tell you that where we are going even has their own coffee shop- how hard could it be!!!!

Any tips (have a feeling I may need them!!!)?????

Lisa xox

p.s. I have no idea why half my post is in green - maybe someone is envious of my camping preparations!!!

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