Thursday, 10 November 2011

My Horsey Girl

My gorgeous girl Georgia is horse obsessed!
No, maybe that's not quite right.
She is unbelievably, incredibly, mad for it, horse obsessed.

It started when she was probably about 4 or 5 years old. And it seemed to start slowly.

She did some riding lessons when we were in Sydney at a couple of different places, mostly being dependent on when/where I was working and if I could afford them!

She has done more riding lessons since our move to the country, has worked (for free!) at an equestrian place, she just wants to be with, and around, horses.

Her Santa wish list for years had had horse as the #1 item. Lucky for me, having spoken with Santa at length about this, we decided that it is very unfair on the horse to have to travel in Santa's sleigh (and very unfair on the mother who has to find the $$$$ for the upkeep).

Many people have told me she will grow out of it, and maybe she will...I don't know.

However, at least it is a healthy obsession.

She is saving up for her own horse, although as I have told her with all the horse paraphernalia, she could have probably bought her own horse, stable and jockey by now.
Perhaps something like this..????

But she is very very excited tonight. No, she is not getting a horse tomorrow, we are going to Equitana - a horse expo (or something). She has planned for us to be there from the start to the finish - about 13 hours in total!

So, darling girl, I may not be able to get you this...

But I'm sure we will have lots of fun anyway!

Do you have a horse obsessed person in your life? How do you  handle it???

Enjoy your day

Lisa  xox

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