Thursday, 3 November 2011

Loving myself sick!!!!

We are in the midst of 'fete' season here in the Highlands. You can't drive past a disused car yard without seeing a banner for a local school/church/community group promoting their fete/fair/gathering/shamless money grabbing opportunity.

Last week we had Georgia's high school fete (and motorfest!).  The school that she attends has well over 1200 students and the organising committee consisted of about 6 parents. I know, we are all very busy, and some people just cannot help due to a myriad of circumstances. I only managed to make two meetings - nothing like having someone come in at the last minute and making idiotic suggestions - yes, um, sorry about that Vicki, Fiona and Pete!!!

Anyway, I did have an easy job, I just had to talk all day - yes, mc/stage presenter/lost wallet announcer/moo to poo on cue encourager!!!

(No, John Laws didn't lend me his golden microphone, mine was a slightly used baby brown vomit type of colour)

Back to me ....talking...
Talk - Let's face it - that's not hard for me. Talk under water - tick. With a mouthful of marbles - tick.
Underwater with a mouthful of marbles - tick tick.

So, once I had that microphone in my hand, off I went. I admit, I did start the day off with a double shot coffee as I had not had very much sleep due to a work function (and let's not go there at the moment!).

But didn't I just love myself sick with that microphone. Oh yes, the power, the glory, the idiotic sound I made at times when I forgot to breathe whilst spruiking the fairy floss stall and almost ended up in a comatose heap on the grass in front of the stage.

But, as tired as I was, it was a bloody fantastic day. So well done to all the organisers, and to all the performers, and to all the poor people who had to listen to my non stop blabbing all day.

Bring on the next one ......

(except somehow I have ended up on the devonshire tea stall at this one - mmmmm)

Scones anyone?   Anyone????

Lisa xox

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