Tuesday, 22 November 2011

OMG, How Will I Get To The Polo????

As I start my working day, I often have a leisurely quick read through of the newspapers.

 So today, after a not very good night's sleep (that's another post) worrying about how I am going to pay a few bills that have come in - including gas, electricity, car rego, car insurance, 2 x school fees and a few other incidentals, I was most interested to read the article on some Sydney socialite who has debts of $18 million.


Now, although I may feel that mine are about that figure, I can assure you that they are not!!!

So upon further reading, it appears that this 'socialite' who earns $360 000 per annum (I won't earn that in my lifetime!) told the court that her husband 'made' her sign papers etc etc and that she didn't really mean it...and that she is really pretty...and that her husband made her cry...and that how will she maintain her lifestyle...and that she might have to sell her BELOVED three level penthouse...and that they might even have to sell the Rolls Royce.

OMG, how will we travel to the POLO?????

Oh, sorry, I just have to get some tissues as my heart just won't stop bleeding.

This makes my blood boil - where do these people get off and why don't they go and work with a charity or some homeless people and see just how tough life really is.

And now, I am off to pay a credit card so that I can pay more bills on my credit card - the phrase robbing Peter to pay Paul comes to mind (and who the bloody hell are Peter and Paul anyway and why am I robbing them!).

Oh and an update on an earlier post...remember when I got the gas bill for $5600???
I now have the updated one - $285- no apology, no explanation, no worries - that one I can pay...I think! 

So, my words to poor Karin hyphenated name because that makes you even more precious - TOUGHEN UP PRINCESS!!!!

Lisa xox

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