Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Pet is Not Just For Christmas (especially if we own it)

In our little family, we have a couple of pets. We have our super wonder dog, Charlie, the Golden Retriever, who is now 5 1/2 years old  ( I don't know what that is in dog years, and what the hell  is a dog year anyway) and a couple of fish.

Charlie - I said NO MORE PHOTOS!!!!!!

OK, But I'm not smiling. I am going to show my scary fang face!!!

I always wanted a Red Setter when I was little, who knows why!!! But I wasn't allowed a dog, and for that I completely blame my two big brothers! Something about before I was born they had a dog and it got ran over or got a tick, or self combusted and they were so sad that we were never allowed another dog. Boohoo for them. And they reckon I was the spoilt little princess.

No we are NOT just for Christmas

I got to have fish and a bird or two - have you ever tried to take a goldfish for a walk?????

Really must get my legs waxed (or cut off!)

So, when our little family was broken a bit, and there was the three of us, we decided to get a puppy. I think I was more excited than the kids, well actually I was because I didn't tell them we were getting one.

Little Charlie was just SOOOOOOOOOO cute and we were very excited bringing him home. I remember driving home and we were discussing names but after a few dodgy ones, we came up with Charlie Charles Evans (yes, that kept everyone happy...don't even ask!!!).

When embarking on our country change, the first house we rented came with four chooks! We were  very excited as we felt it really meant we were going to the country.

The day that Sam and I came down to pick up the keys we were met by a very sad looking real estate agent. Thinking that we were going to be homeless again, I went into a little panic, with a little bit of sick at the back of my throat (sorry, but you need visual cues for this). But, no, worse than that.
A fox had got in and killed three of the four chooks. So we were left with one!

Mr Meaney Fox!!!!

We decided to name the remaining chook- Lucky. Well, she was wasn't she.  We were very excited to have Lucky and although we had no idea what we were doing, we did love "Lucky". Fortunately, she came with her own chook pen and little chook house which was lucky!!!! (see, she really was!)

Something like this except about 85 % smaller!!

Not long after we moved down, we arrived home and our wonderful neighbours came over with a box. Thinking that perhaps they were giving us a house warming present, or possibly even a case of champagne, because let's face it, I deserved it, we excitedly walked up to the fence.

A lovely neighbourly welcome gift???

Oh no, it wasn't a box of bubbles, or even a food hamper, but a poor little Lucky who had unfortunately got out of the chook pen and Charlie the Wonder dog had decided to play with. Well, poor Lucky came off second best and ...well... Lucky survived (just) but went and stayed at the Retirement Home for Chooks, next door. We did ocassionally see her looking through the fence, thinking what if..... what if these neighbours didn't rescue me and I ended up stuck with those city folk who had no idea about chooks!!!!!

Chook Retirement Home!!!

So, we did what we do best, we went and bought some more. Now the whole chook story, in fact the whole Dr Evans Doolittle saga is a little long so I shall just have to keep you in suspense. Let's just say, we not only got more chooks, we also got a bunny or two.

I am so amazed at what I find on google images!!!!

But alas, there will be more tears involved, so best I give you a little break for now!
Stay tuned for Episode 2 of The Evans Family Zoo.

Not that bloody zoo...and when will Lara Bungle stop using my body!!!

This Zoo ...

Here I am with one of our many pets!
Yellow is so flattering!!!


Lisa xox

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