Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Equitana - translation - Very expensive water!

On the way!
My regular readers (Mum!) will know that I took Georgia to Equitana last week.  It was her birthday present from September so she has given me a countdown every day until we went (and yes, it did drive me absolutely bonkers!).

Anyway, despite being a little tired (see previous post) we drove up to Sydney (and now I remember one of the reasons we left - TRAFFIC) and into Homebush Park. Despite having to drive the WHOLE WAY AROUND the area, when we could have just turned left and got there, we found a park and basically ran to the entrance.

Stop taking photos, Mum, and start running!!!

Now, I won't go through the whole day in words, but in pics!! Suffice to say, we did have a fun day, seeing all the rich horsey people spending lots of $$$$ on saddles, riding 'stuff', horse floats which are larger than our house (I am NOT kidding there), John Deere tractors (even their toy tractors were over $100), food etc

No, we didn't have to climb the fence

Georgia and the world's biggest horse float!!!

Yes, she tried them on! Yes, they fitted! Yes, she wanted them.
No, at $399!!!!!
But very very cute!!!!!

One of the highlights for my horsey girl was seeing Stacey Westfall. Stacey is a bit of a legend in horsey circles around the world - sort of a horse whisperer type. You can watch the you tube clip of her here where she did some amazing work, not long after her father passed away.

Georgia and Stacey Westfall (the real one)
The only thing was that I was taking photos of the warm up girl thinking she was in fact Stacey - oops!!!
We watched a number of different horse games as well including polocrosse, horse events (bit like the relay games you did when you were at primary school - tunnel ball on horseback anyone??) and HORSEBALL. Now, HORSEBALL is quite simply - a game for complete nutters. It is is a cross between baskatball and rugby - on horseback. It uses a size 4 soccer ball which has reins wrapped around it with a couple of handles. The aim is to shoot a goal - on horseback - and if you drop the ball you simply hold on to the horse with one hand and bend right down to grab the handle to pick the ball up again. Yep, as simple as that. Just bend down, so your head is almost on the ground and pick up the ball - simple!!!!  So, each time they dropped the ball and bent down to get it, I would gasp. Eventually, I got used to it, and secretly wanted them to keep dropping it so I could see if anyone just feel off!!!!  I know I know - I would fall off simply trying to get on the horse.

Horseball - the game for nutters!!!

But, if you ever get a chance to watch a game of horseball, go for it - Horseball - The Game For Complete And Utter Nutters!!!!

However, one of the highlights for me was the Double Dan show. These guys are simply incredible with what they can do with the horses, and also very very very funny. I tried to take video on my phone, but all you can hear is me laughing hysterically so I will not subject you to that. But just 'google' Double Dan and see what they can do.

Anyway, it was a very very long day, but lots of fun. And lovely to spend the day with my girl!
(But no, Georgia, you still can't have a horse - it is going to take me 6 weeks to get over paying $4.50 for a small bottle of water there!).

I want it in this bottle next time!!!

Do you love horses as much as my girl? Or do you also think that paying $4.50 for a small bottle of water is outrageous?  Would love for you to leave a comment!!!

Lisa xox

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  1. Sorry Mum,
    But you need to proof read a bit before you publish!! :)
    When you were talking/typing about HORSEball you said:
    "Eventually, I got used to it, and secretly wanted them to keep dropping it so I could see if anyone just FEEL off!!!!"