Wednesday, 30 November 2011

This Much Water!!!

So, tomorrow is the OFFICIAL start to summer. Woohoo!!!!

Time to strip off and pop on that bikini, swimmers, head to toe bathing suit!
I must admit, I used to love summer heaps and heaps but some days it does get a bit much (How old am I with that statement).
I would actually like this beach umbrella please Santa!

However, as we seem to be having one nice, sunny, warm day followed by 10 cold, wet and rainy days at the moment, I am hanging for it.

So I began the annual get fit for summer quest...yesterday. Now, it may take more than just 24 hours (let's try 24 years) to get this body into tip top shape but we went down to the pool and I swam some laps. I love swimming, and used to swim up to 2 kms a day - yes I really did - about 20 years ago- so I wasn't quite up to that speed yesterday but I did enjoy it.

Although I have cheated a little. I bought some 'you beaut' flippers (just as well they are 'you beaut' because the price wasn't) but am I a champion swimmer in them or what! I was up and down that pool like an Olympic champion on steriods.

Just me doing a bit of swim training!!!

Although the weird thing is that overnight I had the weirdest pains in my forearms.  So maybe I was doing something a little wrong there but anyway, it was lots of fun (except for the strange lady next to me who every time I stopped she started talking to me about how I should become a vegetarian).

Got a few of the guys down at the pool doing a bit of sychronised swimming with me

I have always believed that swimming is really important and that our little kidlets should be taught to swim, even from an early age. Both mine started swimming lessons at 6 months - not because I wanted them to be Olympic Champions (maybe just a little - NO, not really) but that in our society there are too many opportunities for kids to get in trouble in water. We love swimming and especially at the beach and although I still watch my two in the ocean like a hawk, I am pretty confident that they know what to do and when etc. But I am still ALWAYS watching.

This is me being a hawk!

I also know that not everyone gets that chance, nor enjoys it. When I was studying a million years ago, I did some volunteer work with a little boy in our neighbourhood. He was only 11 months old when he drowned in a nappy bucket with a teeny tiny amount of water in it. This boys parents were amazing, and had a routine going at home with a whole bunch of us who would come in and help exercise this little one's ruined muscles. I can tell you honestly that I got so much more out of it than he or his lovely family did.

I won't go on about this.  I still see him in my mind with his gorgeous smile. I get very emotional when I think about this little fella and his family.  Unfortunately, he has now passed but one of the many things I learnt from him was that kids can drown in a tiny amount of water. At the pool, at the beach, near a river, or even in a nappy bucket like little Jeremy.

I now see that there is a program being promoted at the moment called "This Much Water" with a whole bunch of celebrities (and some hangers on) telling people just that - you only need this much water for a child to drown.

If you haven't seen this yet, click here for the you tube link.

And please, share this with everyone you know. The link is on my facebook page.

And please please please - teach your kids how to swim, or ask someone to.

No child should ever drown in our beautiful country!

How cute are these two! Hope they slip. slop, slapped (well I don't want them actually slapping each other!!)

Lisa xox

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