Sunday, 6 November 2011

And that was the weekend!

Why, oh why do they go so quickly?

And why oh why do I keep volunteering at fete's???

Anyway, of course the fun was at the primary school fete today.
Of course, I had had a few dummy spits over this whole 'charade' but alas, best not to repeat too many of them here.

We all want our kids to benefit from school (don't we???) and of course we always hear that the schools have no money (well, I could start on this - maybe that is for another post) so off we went on a very very warm day in the Highlands.

With some of my very good friends, we ran the devonshire tea stall. Of course, Father (as in Catholic Father) had told the senior parishioners to come on down and they could get theirs for free. So, the stampede arrived.

Some were happy to pay the full price of $4 for a lovely scone with jam and cream and a lovely cuppa (although there's always one isn't there - "Oh, I was at the other school fete the other night and their scones were bigger and they charged less" - I hope you read that in the tone that the lady used - as much as I wanted to tell her what she could do with that scone, I just remembered that wonderful line from Madagascar - 'Smile and wave boys, just smile and wave") although some did believe that it was their right to not pay.

PUHLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  It is $4 people, $4!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, most were lovely. 

Some great bargains to be had, and a lot of trash and a wee bit of treasure!

The gorgeous Ms G - any coconut ice dear??????

Some great rides (which a certain young man in my life came off and proceeded to turn a very unusual shade of grey and needed to rest for about an hour after that) and a couple of crappy ones - a sign of a good fete.

Face painting anyone???? Gorgeous girls!!!!

And of course, the crazy hat parade. Yes, I was only one of two adults who entered, am still getting over the fact that I didn't win the $3 canteen voucher donated by the Principal (woohoo - hey big spender).

Devonshire tea anyone...with a side of botox????

Best part of the day - the cold beer at the end, provided by the Prinicpal- and then watching the local priest ride off into the sunset on his Harley Davidson.  Mmm - vow of poverty anyone??????

Have a great week, I will. And NO MORE FETES next weekend. Yeehah!!!

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