Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ahead of the Times, Again

Our dream for a few years has been to find an old caravan and do it up - retro style.
Even before this was so 'in' we have wanted to do this. Remember my profile pic...

Many a night is spent scouring ebay and looking at the 'bargains' that can be had and with a little bit of tlc, and a lot of $$$, can be done up and we could start our longed for trip to all the Big Icons around this great land.

So, lo and behold, I open the Sydney Morning Herald early on Saturday morning to find that it is now 'in' to do just that. Oh yes, all the yuppies are now buying up the old vans and sending them off  to be 'reinvigorated' so they can go travelling around their coffee shops in the Eastern Suburbs. Indeed, one of the people they interviewed stated how she liked to go in her little van and drive down to Bondi or somewhere and just park the van and watch a dvd sitting inside.


What is that?

You have a great little van which you have now furnished with some over -priced cushions and you sit in it watching a dvd???

See, we would be going places....

The Big Pineapple

The Big Penguin

And even the Big Gumboot !!!!!

and singing songs.....   (it's not ABBA so click on it)

or the Senior Sergeant's favourite  (you HAVE to click on this one)

and for Horse Girl  (just keep watching - after the first 10 secs you will get it)

and the final one for me which I have been known to sing rather loudly out the window- unfortunately when the window has been open

starting with something like this....

or this...

and hopefully turning it into something like this...

or this..

or this...

or my favourite...

and NOT WATCHING DVD'S whilst parked in a side street in Bondi!!!

So, if you see any old vans lying in a paddock and calling out my name - let me know. I'll even sing a song for you as a thank you!!!!


Lisa xox

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