Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy WHAT?

I know, I am like the Christmas Grinch (but I'm not because I LOVE Christmas) but what is Valentine's Day about really!!!
Yes, so I am single and will get nothing, nudda, nought, zip, stuff all for it.

I have received flowers on past Valentine's Day, although I do admit this was some time ago and it was also when you didn't have to mortgage your house in order to receive a dozen roses or such.

I even remember being taken out to dinner for a Valentine's Day or two, but that was WAY back in my hey day.

So, I am wishing you a non Happy Valentine's Day. Now, I could say I don't believe in it, but then what would I do if I received 200 dozen roses from a secret admirer (and I am guessing that won't be from anyone related to Gina Rinehart's family) or someone offered to take me out to dinner, or even just drive me somewhere, anywhere, just so I had a little tiny break from always driving.

So, in the interests of you all out there in cyberspace who are looking for gifts for Valentine's Day (mmm, left it a little late haven't you!) I have come up with some gift ideas for you.

Of course, there are the usual contestants such as edible undies etc but how about Human Key holders

Just pop your keys in - handy!!!

Bet you never thought of that one

or how about this one..

Yes, the boyfriend pillow - oh, so many things can be said here but I'll leave it to you

Sponsor an animal - nothing like mentioning that she now has a pig named after her gets  her in the mood
Yes, couldn't resist the cute pic!

Grow a boyfriend  - now this is an actual growing thing as I gave it as part of a 50th birthday present to a good friend not that long ago (mmm, now come to think of it I haven't heard from her for a while)

And finally, here's something that I bet for the 'hard to please' woman you love

"Show your wife how you really feel with a gift that says "I can't wait for you to die." Just make sure to really pour on the romance when you look deep into her eyes and ask whether she'd like to be shoved into the cold earth or burnt until she's nothing."

Click on this link for the ad

So Happy Tuesday to everyone and just think - at least you didn't spend $250 for a dozen roses, but here's the number for Funeral'r'Us!!!


Lisa xoxo

p.s. Here's a heart for you on Valentine's Day

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