Monday, 20 February 2012

I'll Take The European Sojurn!

With my daily time wasting newspaper reading, I am often amused at what makes the headlines , or features.
So it was with some amusement that I read over the weekend that 21st  Birthdays now rival weddings in cost. Mmmm, now that's bizarre interesting.

Apparently one must spend at least 6 months organising such and book an expensive venue and wear a dress costing the equivalent of a brief European sojourn. Oh, and of course, the images of everyone having fun MUST be posted on to social networking sites the second they are taken so EVERYONE can see that they REALLY ARE HAVING FUN.

I vaguely remember my 21st with fond memories. We had it in my parent's backyard where the big thing was we hired a tarp and a wooden dance floor. Of course, the only concern here was that the backyard had a slight slope and after the mini cyclone that tore through the neighbourhood one hour before the guests were due to arrive, did mean that once the dancing started, most of the guests slipped down to the bottom end of the dance floor.

Apparently 21st's now are seen as some type of landmark (seriously, that is what Kat from Killara said - I thought a landmark was like the Harbour Bridge, or the Big Potato in Robbo) and it is where all the people who are important in their lives show up. Are you for real? That used to happen every Friday night when we would go to the pub - all the people important to my life were there.

Oh and of course, one SIMPLY MUST HAVE a designer frock (this may/may not include the boy's as well - wasn't specified) and this of course must cost the equivalent of a small car. Now I have clear memories (but unfortunately no photos to post here) of what I wore to my 21st! Picture this - weighing a significant amount less than my current fighting weight, I wore black! Now, I know that may not be a surprise to some of you but hear me out.

It wasn't just any old black number. It was a black off the shoulder wool jumper, with a silver sequinned snake across the neckline (which was off the shoulder but I don't know how to describe it any other way) - I KNOW, why I didn't go into fashion design I do not know. This was teamed with a long straight black wool skirt (can't remember the shoes!!!) and of course the obligatory fuchsia pink fake nails. Oh, ONE mustn't forget the afro perm that also featured heavily in my life at the time.   Yes, you got it, an absolute stunner. Oh, if only we had booked the professional photographer like they do nowadays. Instead, I think we had Uncle Trev taking the photos on the old box brownie.

Food - I hear you ask? Oh, none of this schmancy fancy nouvelle cuisine where the girls are so thin they just share a lettuce leaf between 6 of them. No sirreeee - we had the good old fashioned pig on a spit with Mum's obligatory coleslaw and Aunty Josie's potato salad.

Of course, I could go on and on regaling the tales of the night and talking about the family fight when my cousin arrived with his skanky girlfriend and upset one of my most favourite Uncles in the world, but what's the point (and I mean SKANKY!!!!!!!!).  Unfortunately, some of the fond memories have dimmed due to  the passing of time (not THAT long ago) and the copious bottles of Spumante that were drunk.

But one lasting memory is of Mum and her sister, the afore mentioned Aunty Josie, who after a few tipples, decided to join the dance floor in a  rousing edition of Aga Doo  (see link below for a reminder of this classic). Although somewhat amusing - what starts in a game ends in tears and I have a clear memory of them slipping down the wet not quite even dance floor and ending up on their own Aga  doo's, but still performing the actions

Aga Doo Link - go on, press it - you will LOVE it

O, and if anyone can explain this song, DON'T!

So, you can have your schmancy pants soirees costing millions of $$$$ but give me the tarp in the backyard, pig on a spit, and Aga doo any time. THAT is what memories are made of!


Lisa x0x

Disclosure - I did not write this post because I feel inadequate or have a simple mind so if Gina Rinehart's children are reading this - please don't!


  1. Hi Country Gypsies,

    I was reading this blog and was wondering why I had not been invited to your 21st, as I did not recall most of these events until you mentioned the Skank, then it all came flooding back to me. Unfortunately the Skank was then transported to our hotel at the time before being ordered to leave. Anyway off the track a bit. I don't recall the dress that you wore but I am sure back in the 70's it was a smash, as was the permed hair. I now recall the coleslaw and potato salad and it is just dawned on me who uncle trev is, as I did not know that you had an uncle trev.
    I also think that the dancing bit with your mother and her sister occurs each time they have a drink, not just on special occasions. Gee I hope they haven't worked out the internet, or I could be in a bit of trouble here.
    Well, start saving, as I am sure the Dorda will want the Tiara and the works for her 21st (which really is not that far away), or maybe she will just ride off in the sunset (for your sake) and have an old fashioned piss up in the backyard like her mum. Now I am sure your mum will have photos of your 21st to put on Facebook. It's okay, I know her fairly well, I will ask for you.

    The Phantom Poster

  2. Phantom Poster - you are awake early this morning!
    It appears that time has dimmed your memory as I have a distinct memory of you, and your family, being there. Although, once again, you recall incorrect facts. I did not in fact 'come of age' until the decade later - I am not as old as you!!!!
    And yes, the permed hair was a big hit and no doubt it will come back into fashion along with high-waisted acid wash denim jeans.
    I am not so sure the Dorda wants the tiara. If she continues at the rate she is going, she will be wearing denim jeans, her riding boots, a horsey polo shirt and have her beautiful long hair scrunched up in a pony tail. I think she would take the option of riding off into the sunset, if that meant she got a horse.

    Anyway, am sure her Uncle Steve will come through with the horse as a present - what else has he got to spend his money on?????


  3. Yes, CG, up at 5.00am to feed the hungry masses this morning. They have another thing coming if they think that is going to occur all week. Had to have my nanna nap at 11.30am.
    Ah yes, the permed hair, just trying to recall what colour my afro was at the time. It went well with my hawaiian shirt and them jeans that were purchased already faded. I do recall that the Phantomettes were also at the party, aged 4 and 1 at the time. So just be aware the eldest turns 30 this year, just to make you feel that little bit older. The other has just got off some big mountain this morning in some country no one has ever heard of.
    Now I don't think I know this uncle steve fella, but obviously he is a good bloke. Managed to track him down this afternoon and he reckons he is keeping all his money for his upcoming retirement, so the purchase of Black Caviar may have to be a distant dream. Whilst he loves his favourite neice very much, the tax department loves him even better and they have asked for most of the Phantom and Mrs. Phantom's money.

    1. Helloooo again PP
      I hope you are awake after a very early Nanna Nap - must be almost your bed time. mmm, does Nanna have one n or two?
      Anyway, I do seem to have a distant (and trying to put further into the distance) your penchant for a hawaiian shirt or two!
      Yes, clearly remember the Phantomettes being there, sliding down the dnace floor and wondering what in the hell happened to Nana/Nanna!

      no, I don't feel old that the senior phantomette is turning 30 this year as I was still in school when she was born (actually remember nan coming to get me out of school so we could go and by her a disgusting/ oops, I mean gorgeous little white frilly dress.
      You have left your run a bit late for Black Caviar - can't you find the next one - look out for a horse called White Cabonossi - I think that's a good one!!!

    2. Ahh the black knitted skirt, I think roman sandals would have been the footwear, the top of choice was a black knitted sweater with fucshia stripes, the hair was definately a perm but with a fringe styled back into flicks and a gold braided headband that was sooo tight that it looked like a circumsision mark when you took it off. Bright lipstick and heavy eye makeup. And don't forget the girlfriend that hadn't eaten for a week and took diet tablets with a bottle of summer wine.

    3. hello Anonymous
      I am fairly certain that you are not the Phantom Poster but do have a feeling you may be related to him, and therefore me. The thing that gave it away was your description of the gold headband!
      However, I do need to correct a couple of things - no, there was definitely no fuschia stripes on the black top as they would have interfered with the silver sequinned snake.
      And don't knock the flick back fringe - it worked, although there was no gold headband as with the size of my head, I could never get a headband on let alone wear one.
      Yes to the heavy eye make up (some things never change) and the bright lipstick (thank goodness some things do change!)
      Ah, the diet tablets - such fond memories!

    4. Hilarious. But also interesting that neither PP's daughters knew about this 21st, yet both still elected not to have one? Wonder why?

      Hmm... who could this annonymous poster be?

    5. I guess the Phantomettes just felt that nothing could live up to my 21st!