Thursday, 16 February 2012

Please Don't Marry My Kitchen

Last night I sat down at I have no idea what time and turned the TV on. Senior Sergeant who likes to have complete control of the remote had passed out after his school camp and Horse Girl was doing some homework.

Up came My Kitchen Rocks or something. What are these people on? Sorry, I thought that chefs had to train and gain apprenticeships and be yelled at for being completely incompetent and then decide to become famous by being on some reality show. But no, you just have to be really mean to go on this show, and be completely full of yourself to boot!

But, after 5 minutes I decided that this show was obviously not for me as I wanted to throw avocados at the television and knock these pretentious gits off their high horses.

So I changed the channel to some show about mothers trying to marry their sons off. This show was absolutely bizarre! The mummy's boys that I saw were in their late twenties or thirties and the mum's cooked some dish which the girls had to replicate. Then the 'boys' had to blindfold taste test. OMG I have just wasted 10 minutes of my life watching this pathetic excuse for a show and I will never get that time back.

Oh, and I hope that this show has been sponsored by a fake tan company as I think perhaps some all of these girlies have tandooried (is SO a word) themselves a bit much!

Please help, are there any decent TV shows on - someone...anyone?????

Lisa xox

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