Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Year = less $$$$

I'm baaaaccccckkkkkk!

Haven't been around much the past few days as I seem to be working every waking hour, and some sleeping ones, in one of a number of jobs.

So, I am very concerned to read that today, 29 Feb, I will be working for nothing.



Yep, those buffoons who decided that every four years we needed an extra day put into the calendar didn't actually think that those of us on a salary will not get paid the extra moula.

In one of my jobs, I am questioning myself as when I signed the contract I would have been so much better off working on an hourly rate. However, this may have bankrupted the company so that is perhaps why they decided against this.

I get paid monthly from that job, which can be a bit of a killer. Oh yes, when the pay goes in, everything looks damn fine and dandy! Woo hoo, let's have a partay! My account is actually in the positive.

Then pretty much from the next day it means we are back on me working out how many meals I can make with mince and a dried carrot over a month and the Senior Sergeant begging me to buy lotto tickets. Of which Horse Girl has pretty much already got those $$$ spent.

Now with all this leap year crap, I have to work an extra day, which unfortunately is one that will start at the crack of dawn and finish about 10pm tonight and for NOTHING!!!


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