Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lollies in your Sleeping Bag!

The Senior Sergeant has been off on a school camp for the past couple of days. He is due home this afternoon, which is good for me as I missed him (so did his sister but she might not admit it).

He didn't go far, just to an outdoor education place belonging to one of the posh Sydney schools and it was literally down the road.

He was very very excited about it, and a little apprehensive I think, but they were going to be doing lots of fun things like abseiling and playing in the mud (of which there would be heaps considering our daily thunderstorms - seriously - are we living in Darwin?) so no doubt he will be a little weary and a lot dirty.

A few things he decided to pack!

The Senior Sergeant was a little concerned though last week as he wanted to know about the food. They weren't allowed to take ANY food, not even lollies (I mean really? Why not lollies? All school camps should be a complete overdose on lollies with a few even chucking them back up in the sleeping bag).  It appears he may have discussed this situation with the Principal as I overheard him assuring his sister that they did indeed get snacks in between their main meals and that he may even have to eat ALL the vegetables on his plate at dinner time just to stave off complete starvation and malnutrition.

I then remembered my school camp in primary school where we caught the train to the Blue Mountains then had to walk about 3500 miles (they were miles then) to some convent where we stayed in dormitories which were absolutely freezing. I do not have any recollection of what we did whilst there except for the bonfire at night and the teachers who snuck off to have a pash behind the bushes. Oh, and I am sure we had lollies. Heaps of them.

So Senior Sergeant, I am looking forward to seeing you this afternoon when you get home, hopefully with everything you went away with and some fun memories of your primary school camp (and maybe even a few lolly wrappers that you snuck in!!!)

I did go a little crazy with the labelling

Do you have any fond memories of school camps?


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