Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Thank You For The Music

So this post wasn't an original idea of mine
I have to thank one of my regular readers - The Phantom Poster - who leaves comments on my blogs - who started replying to me in ABBA song titles.

Ah, I thought, well eighty-one can play at this game so I have now stolen their idea and have decided to make this blog completely full of ABBA song titles, and therefore my own idea. You have to see how many you can count and for the winner - I am happy to do my own recording of Dancing Queen on a cd for you - how good is that!!!!

So, upon my Arrival at Waterloo, I had to Bang a Boomerang whilst waiting for my Honey Honey who was at Dream World (yep, that's one)

I asked Does Your Mother Know, when he said Chiquita, Gimme Gimme Gimme some Money Money Money but before you ask, I Am Just a Girl and I Have A Dream but Knowing Me Knowing You, I am asking you to Lay All Your Love On Me.

Mamma Mia, Nina Pretty Ballerina, he replied. I said I will have to yell SOS if you don't Put On Your White Sombrero so I might have to go, but I will Ring Ring.

You might have to Take A Chance On Me, but Voulez Vous, I will Thank You For The Music. When All Is Said and Done, I remember When I kissed The Teacher. Why Did It Have To Be Me, I asked, when we could be As Good As Knew. We should just Dance While The Music Still Goes On otherwise I will have to call Elaine.

Mmmm, not too sure about this one, I hope they didn't reuse that alfoil

I'm Gonna Sing You My Love Song, but remember The Day Before You Came, Fernando, that there was an Eagle who was Head Over Heels and just about As Good As New. 

Remember, He is your Brother, who was Givin' A Little Bit More, who might be able to fix that Hole In Your Soul but I Saw It In the Mirror so I Let The Music Speak because I'm  a Marionette and I've Been Waiting For You.

I Wonder  that If It Wasn't For The Nights I would sing The King Kong Song but because You Were Like An Angel Passing Through My Room  as though There Was A Merry Go Round, I asked what was The Name Of The Game. On And On And On it went till Our Last Summer but One Of Us would have to Rock Me whilst things were Slipping Through My Fingers.

So Long, Super Trouper, Tiger and I will be going to The Tropical Loveland where we can get Two for The Price Of One.  Just remember, You Owe Me One.

Hasta Manana Baby!

And as my sign off to you today, please click on the link

because if you can't beat them, join them!!!!!

oh, here's another one you may like

and another

and maybe one more

Ok last one, and this is my tribute to the bestest band ever in the whole of history and the universe

That's it -I'm buying ABBA for the Wii - we don't need to eat next week but we can SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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