Monday, 13 February 2012

RIP Whitney

Yet another sad news item appeared yesterday with the news that US singer Whitney Houston was found dead at the aged of 48.

The singer/songwriter/actress was a gorgeous looking woman when she 'arrived' on the world music scene over 20 years ago, but due to the excesses of her lifestyle, she had not aged particularly well, and of course the media loved to gain pictures of her looking more than terrible.

One of the saddest parts of this story is there is a teenage girl now who is mourning the loss of her mother. Whitney may have been a superstar but she was also a Mum.
Whitney with her daughter

Whether you liked her music/acting or not, she was a person just like you and I - remember, we all shit the same!  But, yet again, the perils of drug abuse took their toll on this woman. As I write this, it has not been proven whether she died of a drug overdose or not, but it is no secret that she had a problem.

So, whilst the world will mourn the passing of Ms Houston, as it should, let us remember that there is a girl out there who has lost her Mum.

And, let's also talk to our kids, our friends, our partners, indeed our parents, about the horrible truth of what drugs can really do. And let's hope that there are people out there who have decided that enough is enough and they make the call for help, and that it is answered.

This pic is not taken years apart, but shows what damage can be done in a VERY SHORT SPACE OF TIME

If you, or anyone you know, needs help, maybe give Lifeline a call - 13 11 14. If only someone had been there to help Whitney, and so many others.

Whitney is not the first, nor the last, who has had drugs ruin their lives. But maybe we need to think these 'stars' are no different to you and I, and that ANYONE can be affected by drugs. And maybe, just maybe, this will be a wake up call to someone who needs help, to get it. Help is there, believe me.

RIP Whitney, and to all who have passed where drugs have played a huge part in their lives. May you all now find the peace you so desperately searched for in life

Lisa xox

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