Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Eye Eye Captain!!!

It appears that I have been taken a wee bit too serious with my what was meant to be a light hearted post about Ms G. Rinehart and her greedy, conniving, spoilt brat offspring. If you are unsure what I mean, go back to my previous post and see the comment I recieved, and then the one I delivered. ( Oh, and please don't take me too seriously).

So today, in the interest of humanity (and my sanity) I will instead be a mother boasting about the achievements of one of her children!

Yes, the Senior Sergeant has now been bestowed with his official title of School Captain.

No, I will not be calling him Captain when he is at home, nor does this mean he gets to delegate all his jobs to his sister (which he suggested).

But, I am once again, very proud of the young fella (yes, he even got a hair cut for the official ceremony), just as I was proud of Horse Girl when she achieved such status (No, have NO IDEA where they get their sense of responsibility from).

So, I will now let the pictures tell the story, whislt I look for more ways to deliver my opinion and be dealt savage comments.....

Now official!

Sam with the blonde who has the simple mind (aka Mum!!!)

Yep, taller than NANA!!!

The whole class were looking great today receiving all their badges but I won't post the pic of the whole class as I do not have their permission.


But you still have to put the bins out tonite Sammy!!

Love Mum xxx


  1. Well done Sam, obviously taking after your uncle. No not the middle sibling, the old uncle, known as the headmaster.
    Now that older lady in the photo looks remarkably like the Queen. I also think everyone is taller than Nanna, well they are now.
    I also think you are supposed to pixelate (if that is the terminology) the children in the first photo. You could find yourself in court airing your family history (think Gina) or comments left by people who take life too seriously.

    The Phantom Poster (disclaimer: The identity of the Phantom Poster is known to the author of these blogs, well I think she knows!)

  2. Hello Phantom Poster
    Nice to hear from you (if you are who you say you are)
    Um, you weren't supposed to mention the people in the background so if you just squint your eyes when looking at the pics, it would be much appreciated!
    Oh and as a side note, how interesting that my previous blog post was my second highest read one (don't think that is correct English but you get my drift!!!). Second only tot the bra wearing Poppy!!!!

    Thanks again PP! Hope you have a good day!

  3. that Queen Liz???

  4. Hello Anonymous
    Thanks for your comment
    We like to call her Queen Mary but she is not wearing a hat or indeed a tiara which one must say is most disappointing!
    She is also younger than Queen Liz so safe to say that I WON'T be passing your comment on