Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Naked cowgirl in booze-fuelled car chase

No, it wasn't me!

But I just had to share this new story as I think it is just brilliant a reminder to us all about the dangers of drink driving!

It happened in the good old US of A where an 18 year old female person (just using police speak here - well it wouldn't be a female hamster would it - how could they reach the pedals) was visited by the local constabulary.

She was just minding her own business standing in the backyard in her birthday suit plus a fetching pair of cowboy boots. Not wishing to discuss any issues with them, she raced to her Jeep (I am not sure why that is relevant but I guess it sounds much more exciting than saying she raced to her Toyota Camry) and then drove off.

possible Getaway Car

A police chase then ensued, with speeds of 48 kilometres per hour. Not I am not condoning speeding here in any way but really - a police chase reaching speeds of 48km per hour? Were they on roller skates?

Anyway, once the young lady person came to a stop, a lovely young police woman then raced over to the car (she must have been on a unicycle as why she had to race over to the car baffles me) and helped the young cowgirl dress (into what???) and gave her a sobriety test - gee, wonder what that entailed!

Right Young  Lady, let's get you dressed!!!!

Interesting that the article states that this all happened in an upper middle class neighbourhood in Texas. Oh right, so she obviously had high standards then - imagine if she was wearing just a pair of volleys!!!

And don't the fashion police say before you leave the house take one thing off - so she did! Her dress!!!

So, Horse Girl - looks like you won't be getting cowgirl boots after all, can't have you driving around in them!!!!!

Have a good day!

Lisa x0x

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