Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Just Call Me Jules

No, not the red headed PM!

Julia Roberts!  Yes, JR (as I like to call her) and I have had a similar experience  albeit hers was in Pretty Woman and mine was in real life - and no, I am not a hooker!

Of course, many of you would have had a similar moment I am sure ?????

You know, when she struts into the posh shop and the attendants look her up and down and decide that she is not worthy of their clothes or attention and she is made to leave. Of course, the best bit is when she comes back with cash up to her eyeballs and they trip over them Jimmy Choos in trying to help her.

Well my story is a little similar, a little different (as in the ending - I am still waiting to be cashed up to return to the shop and spit on them - well, maybe not spit as I do have standards but you get my drift).

It wasn't long after we made our little country change and I was not working full time. We were living about 1/2 hour out of town so I decided on this day i would venture in to the big smoke - aka Bowral - and have a wander around.

I was freshly showered and wearing a pair of jeans (clean, no holes, unlike the Youth of today - oops, my nana voice has snuck out), my boots - clean, and a jersey type top - clean!  I was mozzeing (not sure of that is correct spelling but say it out loud) around and walked to the end of a particular arcade. It was a clothes shop so thought I'd wander on in.

Now I won't name this shop, but some of you from the area may quickly guess it! The 'ladies' (and I use that term loosely) sit behind a rather large desk in the shop and quickly give you the once over as you walk in.

I just smiled nicely at them and said Hello, as I will chat to almost anyone!  One of them managed to extract herself from her chair and come up and ask me if I needed any help (well, the obvious answer here was yes but am not sure she meant that type of help!). I politely said no I was just browsing but thank you.

She then proceeded to look me very carefully up and down a number of times before deciding that... "Oh, I don't think we would have anything in here that would SUIT you!".

Mmmmm, noice!!!

So, after a momentary pause when I was quickly thinking of what to do, I felt I only had two options. I could either say thank you and creep backwards out of the shop with my head bowing to her highness or I could use my most 'skanky' voice and say "Nah, youse are probs right! Don't think anyfing here would be much good for me"

Can you guess which one I used?

Now, if only Richard Gere would turn up with cash I could go back in there and..and.... and "tell em there stuff is orf!"

Has this happened to you? Please explain


Lisa xox

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