Friday, 24 February 2012

The Dream Job

Having had a  helluva number of jobs over the years, I am always interested to hear of people's dream jobs. You know, when people say - I just LURVE going to work, I would do it even if I wasn't paid (WTF???).
I ran into someone I knew recently who after a serious health scare, is back doing his job, as a Pilot. he said that he feels so lucky to be doing something that he loves and gets paid a 'shitload' of money (sorry Mum but that was his words). Mm, think I may have left it a bit late to e a pilot!

So I was interested to hear of the lady in Melbourne who after working in a taxi call centre, decided that this was not the dream job for her (having never worked in a call centre, I do not know what is involved but wonder if it could be someone's dream job!). So she resigned and followed her dream.

And what was her dream?  Oh, simple. She wanted to be a mermaid.

No, she isn't three. She is in her late twenties and after watching that absolute crap classic movie, Splash, many years ago, that was what inspired her career aspirations.

That's right, I superimposed Daryl Hannah's head on my body!

Now of course, when little girls and boys watch these movies, they may want to be a mermaid, a princess, even a wooden doll (Toy Story for those of you a bit slow this morning) and so they may have a little dress up box.

Not sure if there are too many mid to late twenties adults who have decided to follow their toddler dreams but good on her I say. I didn't actually know there was a big market for mermaids but obviously there is.

Although the job description is that she just swims, sits on the rock and lounges around. Mmmm, not a great deal involved in the job - could be ok for some.


But, she does have a choice of six different tails that she can choose from so i guess she has the same wardrobe dilemmas the rest if us have every day.

mmm, have to start thinking about my dream job! What's yours?


Lisa  x0x

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