Monday, 6 February 2012

Down to My Last $60K

I am very concerned about a fellow Australian. This woman, indeed a mother, is in a very dire predicament.

You see, she is 'down to her last $60,000'. I don't know if that means for the day, the week or even the month but she is asking "Mummy" to help out with the family finances.

I am sure we all want to help our kids, emotionally and financially where we can, but I just don't know how this woman cope.

Yes, she is one of the daughter's of Australia's richest woman, Gina Rinehart. I actually don't know a great deal about Ms Rinehart other than the fact she came back with a quick reply when the silly old Duke Of Edinburgh made some ridiculous comment to her whilst on his last tour (talk about hanging on your wife's coat tails).

I think Gina may have eaten the Duke??

And of course that she HATED her wicked stepmother, Rose Porteous, but I think she might have been a little bit more worried about her bank accounts rather than if the wicked stepmother would make her wash the floors.

It appears that Gina Rinehart has had a few children to a few different partners - so money obviously can't buy happiness- and that they seem to live all over the world. Three of her four children have launched court action against their mother as it appears she is just not giving them enough pocket money for them to shout a full round at the pub and now the suppression order has been lifted so we can all peak into their world and see what happens when you are that frigging rich.

Of course, this particular daughter, Hope Welker, is very concerned as she can't live anywhere else but the US because anywhere else means someone might kidnap her or her children (gee, Hope, I have NEVER heard of anything like that happening in the Good Ol' US of A).  She is also in desperate need of a full time nanny, a full time cook, oh sorry, a full time CHEF, and a bodyguard (how bout Julia Gillard's body guard - he is good in a scrum)  because they are going to be richer than Bill Gates and EVERYONE ELSE who doesn't have as much money as they do has staff??? 

Oh wait, maybe I am being  a bit cruel. Hopeless is actually asking for these for her birthday - so it's not just like she is asking for them out of left field. She NEEDS a chef so that her kid can eat properly, she needs a security guard (although I thought she said USA is the safest place) and she MUST HAVE  a nanny so she can go out!

Gina' s son now lives in Thailand with his family, just in case the baddies here get home (once again, NEVER heard of this happening in Thailand). Now, he is doing 'OK' as he is able to 'support' his family in a modest manner. This is because he works as a day trader and so in the last 6 months he has been able to earn about $160 000 or so.  Well, that is one way of 'modestly supporting the family'.

Now I don't mean to be nasty or cynical but can you people GET A FRIGGING LIFE.

Sorry, I don't believe that your mother has ever paraded you around like the Beckham Brood or the Pitt Jolie Sound of Music choir so perhaps you should be grateful for that.  And dear people, I would love to be down to my last $60 000 when all I had to worry about was learning how to cook a good old spag bol or having to support my family on a modest means of 4 times what I earn in a year.

I think there is one missing - maybe Posh ate her - look at her face

So, my suggestions to these poor children of Gina Rinehart is perhaps they might like to go and 'get a job' and in turn, get a 'life' and stop annoying your Mother like the kids do in the lolly aisle in the supermarket.

Anyway-  I'm off now to call Mum and ask her why I don't have a personal masseuse, a driver, and someone who can do all my work so I can just navel gaze. It must be her fault.


Lisa x0x


  1. I can see how you would come to such a conclusion of branding her children spoilt; it's the most simplistic choice a simple mind would make.

    Considering the fact that all of her children were brought up in wealth, does that give rightful cause for your blatant and outright jealousy and comments?

    Gina Rineheart is worth 20 billion. Not one billion. Not two. But TWENTY. Yet, for whatever reason, she deems it fit not to provide for her children in an appropriate manner.

    Now, you may say a chef and bodyguards are out of line demands. But her children, as we ALL do, have gotten used to a certain life style. People on the dole have a certain life style. And guess what would happen if you took away their dole payments? They'd find it incredibly difficult to adjust.

    Middle class, if you cut off their specific needs, would be no different.

    And guess what?
    Wealthy people are no different either. They have a lifestyle, and to criticise them for having specific needs, is just plain ignorant.

    In the case of a mother worth 20 billion dollars, not providing enough for her children to live a life of comfort, well, what's wrong with this picture?

    That her kids have to reach out publicly and demand that she help them out abit more from a fortune worth the one she has, is indicative that something is clearly very wrong.

    I can't stand the way that the rich are targets from certain demographics, who so obviously have failed to live up to themselves in being able to succeed successfully enough to own bigger houses or faster cars; finger pointing only amplifies the true problems that the accuser has about themselves and their failed life.

  2. Dear Anonymous
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I write my blog as a light hearted view of the world, although this seems to have upset you.
    I have never asked for anyone to agree nor disagree with what I write. If you have read my blog previously, or indeed read the 'about me ' profile, you will see that it is purely for enjoyment.

    I would like to address some of the issues you raised however. Firstly, I am unsure if I know you as you have decided to post your comment anonymously. Of course, that is your right, however, I will not accept your insults nor your insinuations.

    I do not have a simple mind, as you infer, but actually have university degrees and hold a senior management position in an industry I will not disclose to someone who does not have the guts to identify themselves when commenting.

    I am also entitled to MY OWN OPINION.

    I am in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM (and yes, I did shout that) jealous of Ms Rinehart nor any member of her family. They have money - so be it. Ms RInehart however, has worked incredibly hard, and brought a company that was on the edge of failing, when her father passed, back from the brink to what one must agree to be an outstanding success. Whether or not I agree with her and her business tactics is my opinion, and I am allowed to have an opinion as I believe we live in a democratic society. You are also entitled to your opinion, although once again, why not idenify yourself?

    I have worked hard all of my life, as have all members of my family. My parents did, my brothers and their wives and children do, and I do.

    I am a 'single parent' and no doubt you will have an opoinion on that. I choose to work full time in a job, as well as part time in a second job. I have never asked the government for any handouts as I am able to work.

    I also choose to send my children to a private school. I sacrifice a great deal for this, but this is my choice. I pay full school fees, I do not ask for reduced fees. I am not on a high wage.

    I do not ask my parents for cash to support me and my family. They worked hard all their lives, and are now trying to support themselves in this current economic climate, no mean feat.

    However, I also ensure I cook my children healthy meals, that I spend time with them, and do not request via email that they supply me with a chef at a cost of $250 000 per annum so they can enjoy homecooked meals, nor a full time nanny so I can go out.

    If one make comments such as these, via email, well, then, they are leaving themselves open for what they get as anyone with half a brain knows that what is put out on the interent is there forever.

    I know that my children will grow up understanding the value of a dollar, and also have a strong work ethic as has been shown to them by myself and others close to us.

    My lifestyle has changed over the past few years, but I deal with it. I am not asking anyone for handouts, but am an adult and I stand on my own two feet. nad am extremely happy with my life. I do not live a lie, as many others do.

    Your opinion is that Ms Rinehart is wrong in not handing out more to her children. OK, that is your opinion. Do I say that you have a simple mind for this? No.

    You have no idea about my demographic. I have made a huge success of my life, although I, unlike some, don't need to prove it to anyone by having a bigger house, nor a faster car. I also DO NOT HAVE A FAILED LIFE, but one in which I work incredibly hard and enjoy immensely.

    I also do not write nor post comments anonymously but have the GUTS to own up!

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    It is a sad state of affairs when one has to deride another just because you can - and then to do it anonymously.
    You are not worth wasting time over.
    Get a life - hopefully out of ours!

    1. Thanks for your support Sally :)
      Amazing that there has been no further response from Anonymous - love your comments!
      Lisa <3