Tuesday, 20 December 2011

And We're Off!

I know that some of you, OK, two of you, have been waiting with baited breath to find out how the camping nightmare trip is going.
I just have a few snippets of insight to share with you this day, as there will be a much more detailed and no doubt exciting read to come!

Firstly, the camping preparartions. Can the people who write, blog, or even claim to have some knowledge of camping please get it right!!!

We packed the car to the absolute fullest, in that Georgia was lucky to actually get in. Lucky we didn't have far to go as I think we may not have found her again under the pile of ripsticks, eskies, swags, doonas etc

Upon arrival, I duly advised the check in lass that this was our first time camping. Her co worker started sniggering which to me, was not a good sign.

We duly located our plot, complete beach side, so we were happy little campers (well, we had to be once). Unpacking the car, the sun was out and we were getting a little burnt but all good.

Luckily we had Georgia who was the only person who had any idea. Sam was doing what he does best, barking orders, and being the general foreman. Georgia was following me around, fixing up all my mistakes. 

We put two tarps down as 'extra flooring' because THAT IS WHAT THE BLOODY BOOK SAID! Then proceeded to get the tent up. Surprisingly, it didn't actually take that long, compared to some others we have seen. The couple in the carvan next to us were heard lauging a couple of times, but we  soon fixed that!!!

So, all good. Off to the beach then the pool for some swimming fun and general relaxing. The Senior Sergeant was adamant we have sausages for dinner that evening so we fired up the new camp stove and cooked a treat - knock yourself out Jamie Oliver.

Sam and I in the main tent, and Georgia in her tent at our back door. Literally, at our back door. I couldn't put a little toe out there without being in her tent.

Amenities lovely, clean and with hot water.

Although there is obviously a trick in once you get dry, but with your still wet obligatory thonged feet, it is then very hard to keep the bottom of your pants dry. Am giving this much thought, as I am thinking of desiging pants with a waterproof hem. Any thoughts?????

It was so bloody annoying lovely listening to the sounds of the crashing waves as I lay on my air bed, wondering why the hell I hadn't booked a 10 night holiday to Noosa in a penthouse apartment with a chef and bar tender!!!

But no, this is a wonderful family holiday.

Woke up as stiff as a bloody corpse as refreshed as a daisy, ready for the new day to begin.

Now, I don't want to tire you of reading all the adventures in one go so I will stop for now.

But, just to let you know, the next instalment will include witty items such as:

       1. Doesn't everyone have a spare floor under their tent?
        2. How many bloody tarps do I need to stop the rain coming in? and
        3. Why I shot the neighbours!!!

Oh, and I will also put up some great pics. It is too glary (is that how you spell it) to do that now, and I can hear a cocktail by the pool calling my name.

So, don't foget to come back now, ya hear??????

Any camping tips or comments welcome.
Anyone who wants to give me a carvan - YOU ARE VERY WELCOME


Lisa  x0x

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