Friday, 9 December 2011

Now I don't like to brag BUT.....

Ok, I am going to brag just a little bit so you may have to indulge me

But the good news is I'll keep it brief.

My gorgeous son, Sam, or the senior sergeant as I sometimes like to call him, has been voted as School Captain for his school for 2012.

His big sis, Georgia, was school captain  two years ago so we have the double whammy.

It is all so interesting as I was never awarded any of these special roles of responsibility. The best I got was the captain of the netball team.

But I am a VERY PROUD MUM of both of them. Sam will be officially announced at the assembly this morning and then I can do a bit of a yeehah afterwards (or maybe not - shall check the crowd - oh bugger them, I'll do it regardless)

So thanks for reading my bit of smug indulgence today.

Were you ever a School Captain/Prefect???


Lisa xox

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