Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Can You Spare a Dollar????

Stop what you are doing!

Go on stop!! Well, actually don't because technically that would mean you would stop reading this hilariously funny and witty blog.

But I think I finally know where my life is headed!!!!!

I have found what I can do for work, and where we could live, basically within five seconds of each other.

It will combine so many of my talents, so it is a perfect match (where is greg Evans and Debbie whats'her'name when you neeed them!!!)

So it is all in the little village of Burrawang in The Highlands. Now, Burrawang is one of the few villages we haven't lived in here, although it did look like we were going to live in a great place there this time last year but, as usual, the owners decided to sell.

I really love Burrawang as it is a gorgeous little village with a great atmosphere, not to mention a great pub.

But, as I have been surfing the 'net' tonight....

Yes, I have gone a little blonder, thanks for noticing

I have discovered the perfect business/job and a nice lil shack as well

Of course, there is a slight problem, but just take a look at this

Just imagine my fairy lights out the front here

First the job...

How cool would it be to run this. The Burrawang General Store. It would combine a couple of my favourite things, coffee and chatting. Oh, did I mention it also has a liquor licence????

Inside the very cool Burrawang General Store

And the house...
It comes with a lovely three bedroom cottage right next door, which let me tell you, we would be very happy in.

Is that Lisa's famous Banana and Pecan Bread in the oven there???

I have been doing a small bit of baking to take to the family Christmas gathering so apparently I do make a mean banana and pecan bread, and Georgia is pretty good on the rocky road - both white chocolate and milk choc.

And the Senior Sergeant is thinking of producing his world famous 'Sam's Secret Sauce' which is his own secret herbs and spices (except there are no spices) tartare sauce - perfect with his beer battered fish and chips, or with some fresh seafood. The applause for this sauce on Chrissy Day was deafening.

I may need a wee bit of help on the coffee machine but I can definitely make the shssshhhing noise it makes, and I am a mean hand at doing the dishes.

See, the blonder hair is working a treat

So, I did mention there is a slight problem

They have suggested (WTF???) about $1.5 million.

Now, personally, I actually think that is not too shabby. Well, from looking at it over and over on the internet.

But, yes, the problem is I don't have $1.5 m.  I don't have $150 000. I think I may have $150 so I am more than happy to put that in, if someone else could help me with the zero's. So, really, I am only asking for some zero's which means I am not asking for very much at all. Just a few zero's.

So if anyone out there has a few zero's to spare, please leave me your details and let's do lunch...

I know the best spot!!!!

Hope the car gets thrown in on the deal


Lisa xox

p.s. Oh, did I mention that Dad ended up in hospital on Boxing Day - I don 't know they can technically relate heart trouble to my banana bread directly

p.p.s  Maybe if I ask 1.5 million people to give me a dollar - I could do it - what do you think?????

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