Friday, 16 December 2011

Tis The Season - Fa la la la la la la la la

Tis the season, fa la la...or something like that.

Now many of us are proud (most of the time) of our kid's achievements. I may have even recently boasted mentioned one or two things about my kids recently.

But I have just been reading an article about one daughter of whom any mother, or father, would be so embarrassed by they would lock her in her room forever just be so proud.

This young lass, who goes by the where do these people get these names from name Mekeeda, has written her list of items she would like to ask Santa for.

What the f%^$??? does she want????

Her list includes items such as a Blackberry phone, a wtf?? designer Laura Knitted 33 jumper, pair of converse and some sunnies. Nice list there Mekeeda - or Keeds as I like to call her.

Now, I don't know in her house, but in this little shack, Santa cannot always bring everything that is asked for (so NO Georgia, there will be no horse under the tree on Christmas morning).  That is why we write a wish list.


Hey, Keeds, do you get it - a BLOODY WISH LIST KIDDO!

But, oh no, that is not good enough for Keeds. If Santa don't bring Keeds no phone, no Laura Knitted 33 jumper, no converse and no sunnies, Keeds is goin' dis Santa.

Yep, she even threatened to hunt him down, kill the Reindeer and feed them to homeless people - God Bless!!!

And what does Mum say about this I hear you ask?  I HEAR YOU ASK?????

Oh, Mum says that she better do what Keeds wants as she has a bit of a nasty streak and no one should get on the wrong side of her.


She is 13 years old. She has threatened to hunt and kill Santa if he doesn't bring her what she wants.


And to  little Missy Keeds, I think the best thing for you little princess is a teaspoon of cement.


And to all, a good night

Lisa  x0x

p.s. If you don't believe me, click on this link for the article. Love to hear what you think


  1. I told my kids he only has so much room in his sleigh so he will pick something from the list.

    And then the girl down the street gets shiteloads INCLUDING everything on my girls lists and HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT?

    Also, last year Boo wrote a letter to Santa threatening to set everyone on fire if he didn't get everything he wanted. We hid the lighters.

  2. Hi Kelly
    Thanks for your comment. Love the idea of limited room in the sleigh.

    And yes, how come the kid down the road ALWAYS GETS EVERYTHING!!!

    Glad the lighter were hidden - do you need to hide them again this year????