Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Here's One I Prepared Earlier

And no, it's not an exotic meal - sorry to disappoint.

Just a quick pic of last night's dinner.....not!

When we lived in Sydney, on the Yuppie   Upper North Shore, my favourite time of the year was council clean up days. I mean it, I LOVED them.

Because what some of these people threw out, were better than what was in my house that I had bought new.

OK OK, it's not ALL great.

Many a time we did a little drive around and stopped to throw a few things in the boot for me to fix up - although I believe the new term is to '"upcycle" (mmm, not a fan of that).

I remember the time that we were taking the kids around to look at the Christmas Lights and I found this fabulous old kitchen table. Well, I say old but it was ...oh. that's right, now we say VINTAGE!!!!

Anyway, there was a slight issue of actually fitting it in the car.

So the two alternatives were:

                    1.   Put the table in the car at a jaunty angle and make the kid's Dad walk home...or...

                    2.   Put it on the roof of the car - there was roof racks, but no rope (!!!!!) and hold on
                          to it out the window with our hands

yep, I am sure the Dad din't mind the walk home - it wasn't THAT far.

I still try and do the drive by on council clean up days here but sometimes the drive may be 20 mins between driveways and there sn't a lot of stuff (I mean wonderful goods) but I am a fan of our wonderful Vinnies, Salvo's, Lifeline etc

We also have the Reviva Centre which is in our tip - OMG, sorry, it's not called a TIP, it is a Waste Recovery Centre (gotta love that).

Now we have bought a number of things there since we discovered this little gem. Georgia looks for horse stuff (now there's a surprise - we currently have a lovely saddle in the garage - no horse, just a saddle) and Sam looks for blokey stuff - his latest being a street sign. Quirky, but I like it!!!

And one of my latest purchases was this.....
Looking good!!!!!!!


And with a lick of paint (well, actually three as I kept changing the colour!!!), and a bit of fabric, a few upholstery tacks and


I now have this.

I still have a few more items that I need to fix up upcycle so keep an eye out for some more amazing transformations (cue mysterious music).

Next time I'll make the bed properly!!

What do you think????


Lisa xox

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