Monday, 26 December 2011

Births Deaths and Marriages Computer Error

So Christmas has been and gone.


All the frenetic shopping, cooking, cleaning, sending cards, ensuring you see 'friends' before Christmas (why, oh why, I don't understand this - if you don't see them before Chrissy does that mean your friendship expires and you can never see them again), driving long distances to see relatives you only see every few years (or at funerals), not opening the bills from credit card agencies till March (or is that just me???)

Actually, I think I only managed to do about one of those on the list - never mind, although the mail is piling up :)

I actually love Christmas although I don't know why but it comes around faster and faster every year.
And I find myself saying -"Oh, it just doesn't feel like Christmas" and then all of a sudden it does and I make us all sit down and watch the Christmas Carols and cry at every news story and say - it is just so much worse at Christmas. And yes, I am turning 107 at my next birthday.

Part of My Christmas attire

But, I have found the solution.

Just go away the week leading up to Christmas.
It's fantastic.

Yes, it does mean you have to be organsied with your Chrsitmas shopping - but just tell yourself that there was a mistake at Births, Deaths and Marriages in Jerusalem about 2011 years ago and Jesus was actually born on Decemember 16.

That way, you do all the frantic things on the 15th, then everything is done and you just pack your tent and spare tarpaulin floors and off you go to be at one with nature (or at least, at one with your tent, a cute little coffee shop, a pool and a beach at your front yard, and oh so lovely clean amenities).

Of course, it does make it difficult if you are actually hosting Christmas lunch/dinner at your place but just do what I do and suggest another relative has it (although there is a slight downside to this especially when it means you then drive for four hours on Xmas Day for lunch, but it was worth it - Thanks Rob and Kim)

So, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that if you recieved any presents - that you love them.
However, I would like an explanation from certain family members as to why I was inundated with cookbooks.

Anyway, the final camp blog post will be coming shortly, I just can't find the plug in all these tarps to connect the camera to the computer.

But at least I can cook a lovely meal!!

Hoping you all had a lovely Christmas

My two Christmas Angels

Lisa xox

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