Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Camper's Wardrobe

Thought I would throw in a few tips learnt along the way of our glamping trip.

The first section is on wardrobe.

After packing everything we needed for the trip- in the way of tent, FLOOR TARPS, cooking utensils, plates, sleeping bags, towels, beds, blankets, blah blah blah it was left at the last minute to pack my bag.

Being at one with nature , ahem, I thought that I needed to make sure I had all outfits sorted. So, here is my camping attire list - be sure to keep at as no doubt it will come in handy!!

2 x jeans
2 cargo pants
3 x trackie dacks yoga pants (for being close to nature)
3 shorts
3 skirts
2 dresses
5 singlet tops
4 t shirts
1 pretty sequinned cardy
2 pairs jammies
6 pairs socks
3 shirts
2 cosies
1 sarong (bring back the 80's I say)
2 pairs thongs
1 pair sparkly thongs
1 pair runners (for my morning jog)
85 pairs undies

Looks something like this, NOT!

Oh, and here I am modelling one of the dresses I brought

Just blending in with the environment

So there you have it. Yes, we are only camping for a week.

And yes, I have worn 1 pair jeans, 1 pair yoga pants, couple of singlet tops, the sequinned cardy - because sequins never go astray in a wet campsite I say - sarong and cosies.

Just off to the pool in this!

So the chances of me wearing every piece of item before we go home may be small, but there is nothing like being prepared for every occassion.

And you just never know what you might be invited to.

Now, if I can just work out how to turn the dresses and skirts into waterproof tarps, we will be right!!!

Any tips for a camper's wardrobe???


Lisa xox

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