Sunday, 4 December 2011

Life Is Fragile

This Post  was not the one I had planned for today,  but I received some sad news today.

Sometimes, you get a piece of news that stops you in your tracks.

Someone I have known for a long long time has lost a precious child.

Her beautiful boy was just finishing a wonderful adventure of a gap year overseas and getting ready to come home. He wasn't a baby, he was a young man who was starting to experience the joys of travel and life's incredible experiences. He had just stepped through the door of adulthood.

But he will always be her baby.

No doubt, his Mum, Dad and younger sister were so excited to be having him home in just a couple of weeks after many months away on the other side of the world.

I have had a nephew and a niece complete a gap year and another nephew who is preparing for the same thing and will be leaving shortly.

For an amazing time, no doubt.

To learn about the world, and themselves.

To make new friends, but always remember the old.

To discover new cultures and traditions and to discover so many different and exciting things about the world, and those in it.

I am so sad writing this.  I cannot understand just what the family is going through.

I did not know this boy. I had met him.

I have know his Mum since we were little. But I cannot comprehend her loss.

Her baby boy is coming home but not how he is supposed to.

Although we can't keep them wrapped in cotton wool, sometimes we just really want to :(

I am unsure how to end this today - maybe give an extra hug to someone you love, or send love out to people who are struggling at the moment...

Remember, Life Is Fragile - Please Take Care

Lisa xox

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