Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What's WIth The Bathmat????

So the weather has not been entirely nice to us whilst on the inaugural Evans Family Camping Holiday.

But hey, what's a bit of rain between friends. Actually, it hasn't really been too bad, we have still managed to swim every day bar one, so we are happy little campers (just had to throw that line in!!).

As I have been stickybeaking innocently glancing at other people's camping homes, I realised a couple of things:
          1. Some people should have just bought a bloody Noosa penthouse with the money they have spent on their camping gear - Seriously

          2. Some people have brought along fridges - FRIDGES - yes, really, bloody FRIDGES. Now to me that is just wrong. I thought camping was about bringing along the 1970's orange and yellow esky that you picked up for $6 at the Reviva centre and bought ice to put in it everyday, especially when the snags started floating around in the water.  Where is the fun in wondering if the mince really is OK for one extra night or that slightly yellow tinge may bring about a sudden case of diarrohea in the middle of the night and have one sprinting at an Olympic pace to the amenities in the middle of the night, only to discover they had forgotten the key, and knowing that they won't make it to the tent and back in time so they unfortunately had to break the lock for the disabled toilet just so there wouldn't be a terribly nasty accident???   Fridge - bahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

       3. Bath mats - now I may be old fashioned but I seriously thought that having a shower meant you wore your thongs as the likelihood of going home with tinea was extremely high, and that the bottom of your yoga pants were supposed to get a little bit wet every time  (and you would know this from reading an earlier post) ??????  SO what is with the bloody designer bath mats that some people take in so they can keep their little tootsies nice and dry after they have just had a shower in a cubicle in which the previous tenant was probably some snotty nosed three year old who spent the whole time pissing in the shower??????

But we have made an extra camping supplies purchase, and no, it is not another bloody tarpaulin. We went to a camping supplies shop just so we could wander around and look at all the stupid things people buy for a camping trip. We decided we didn't need any more tent poles as we quite liked the shanty town lopsided look of our tent - any one can have a straight tent with perfect poles and an extra extra extra bloody large tarpaulin neatly placed over the top with beautiful coloured ropes and anchor things holding it upright, all perfectly aligned with their neighbours tents to keep the village looking nice!!!!!

Anyway, we purchased a you beaut Aussie Camping Whistling Kettle, at the bargain price of $15. We had a teapot billy which took 87 hours to boil then gave me third degree burns when I tried to get it off the stove. So now, we just keep boiling the kettle, just to hear the whistle.

Photos will be up soon.

Ahhhhh, the serenity..................................

Any tips on other camping supplies?? Feel free to comment  :)

Lisa x0x

p.s. Oh, next post will include - Poolside attire - Why the beejeezeez is she wearing a Bowral puffer vest over her cosies at the pool (no, it WASN'T me)


  1. One would assume that you at least took a television with you.

  2. No, we didn't take a TV, but we did see a couple of people who did have them...WTF????