Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wax on Wax off

You would think that the upcoming trip was a 6 month Greek Island Odyssey with the preparations happening.

Alas, a week in a tent may not be the same but doesn't mean I can't dream.

So in preparation, I am doing it. Yep, am going for a full leg wax!

For the first time in 20 years!!!

NO, it doesn't mean that I have had the Belanglo Forest growing on these pins (or rather, tree stumps) for that period but have been happy to settle for the good old razor.
These are NOT my legs!!!

But, have decided to bite the dust and do it.


For the third time in my life.

The first time I was about 16 and had been happy enough with a razor. But, as my bestie was getting it done, and being one who was truly influenced by peer pressure, I decided to do same.

I managed to get 1/2 of one leg done before I started screaming to "STOP! STOP !! STOP!!!" as I decided that I couldn't handle it any more and was quite happy to keep on shavin'!!

So, about 10 years later I had a friend (note the past tense used as in 'had' no longer 'have') who was training to be  a beautician and told me that things had improved in the waxing industry (I still don't know how!) and that it just wouldn't hurt.

So after work I went one day and hopped up on to the lovely bed with lovely towels and Enya coming through the speakers and the beautiful smelling candles etc etc . Looking back, I realise this was just a ploy to keep me preoccupied and not thinking about what she was doing.

Three, yes 3, read it, 3 hours later, she had almost finished. I had tried everything under the sun to think about something else, rather than the excruiating pain that this so called friend of mine was inflicting upon me. All in the name of 'training'. When she finally finished, and I stopped crying, I managed to drink a whole bottle of wine in one go, and ran out that door, never to speak to her again.

Waxing should be considered a chore

But, I still have not learnt my lesson. I have made a booking to have a full leg wax done at a lovely beautician in town here, who do my other 'waxing' bits. I chose them beacuse they have lovely soft towels, play Enya, have pretty smelling candles, and beauticians who speak in a very soft voice and all who weigh about 20 kilos and look about 12 years old.

So is this how they wax now???

Although I did suggest that they may have to put me in the soundproof room, and that I could not promise not to use violence at some stage.

I did also ask if it would be alright if I drank a bottle of wine BEFORE I get it done - just in case!!

Have you got any tips to help dull the waxing pain????


Lisa xox

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