Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Oi, Hughie, Ease up Mate!!!

To say that I am a lot little concerned about the upcoming glamping camping trip may be a slight understatement.

No, it is not the fact that the tent is STILL sitting on the back table because we haven't yet managed to get it back in the bag....

No, it is not the fact that I am still a little unsure of how many tent poles we really should have as we did seem to have a few baggy bits....

Don't suppose she really could stand there for a week holding it up???

No, it is not the fact that as I have to get up to go to the bathroom at least twice a night so will be wandering around half asleep trying to find the loo in a bloody caravan park on the beach and am likely to end up in the water instead of back in the tent...

I'm sure the tent is here somewhere

And no, it is not even the fact that I have now bought three battery operated lanterns to give us a light when cooking the sausages gourmet meals every night and I cannot get ONE of them to bloody well work.....

It is the fact that it WON'T BLOODY STOP RAINING AND OUR TENT IS ONLY LITTLE AND WE MAY HAVE TO HOLIDAY IN THE CAR FOR A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and yes, I was shouting).

Ok, so I may not have a home, but check out my computer!!!!!

Seriously, is this rain ever going to stop? Ever?????

So, any tips on how to stop the rain whilst on  a family camping trip most welcome.

Lisa  x0x

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