Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Am I Too Old For A Gap Year???

Back in the day when I finished school, gap years weren't a big thing. If you were going to work after you had finished the dreaded Higher School Certificate, then you went and got a job.

If you were going on to Uni, well, that's what you did. You went on to uni because if you had a break from study, you may not go back!!!!!!!

But, I love the idea of a gap year - I wonder if I am too old for one now???????

I think the whole idea of taking a year off and going to another place - either country or in to outback Australia is a great year.

I have had one niece and one nephew already do this and they both had a ball. Of course, they caught the travel bug which is great so that niece is currently somewhere in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya - depends on what day it is.

And my nephew is heading over to the US in a few months to teach water skiing at a Summer Camp (is that really a job - come on!!!!)

So good luck to them I say. And then today my youngest nephew is heading over to the UK to start his gap year in a very posh school not too far from London. How cool is that!!!

I am already encouraging Horse Girl and the Senior Sergeant to think about such a thing. Of course, the Senior Sergeant wanted to know if he could have a gap year in 2013 before he started high school, but the reply had something to do with flying pigs!!!

Horse Girl is at this stage keen to do something with horses - well now, there's a surprise!!!  How great to have so many options ahead of you - she is thinking of being a jillaroo in the Outback for a few months.

And, the Senior Sergeant, well he is planning to travel around Australia in his purpose built caravan - although I am not sure that this is technically a gap year or rather just a never ending holiday. He just needs to sort out his funding - minor issue!!! Oh, and he also wants Hamish and Andy to come along too, as he is forever singing that stupid jingle from their gap year show.

So, to young Mitch, we hope you have a wonderful year full of exciting adventures and love every minute of it! God speed.


Lisa  x0x

p.s. Am open to any funding resources available for me to have my own gap year/month/week/day!!!

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